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August 31, 2021

Your Ledger Nano S isn’t a mobile phone on which you can uninstall apps randomly within a tapping-dragging method. Instead, it’s a wallet of your hard-toiled crypto currencies that you must handle in an appropriate way.

So, how you can uninstall apps on your ledger nano s conforming to the official method will be the talk of our today’s write up. Throughout it we will be showing you the correct method of uninstalling apps and things related to it. Here we go!

When to uninstall apps from your nano s? 

Time may come when you will see message “insufficient device storage” on the screen of your Nano S. This is the time you need to uninstall some apps from the device. 

If you don’t uninstall anything, the wallet won’t allow you to install new apps on it next time and update firmware.

Remember that you can safely uninstall the apps without losing access to your crypto assets as the assets are stored on the blockchain, not in the apps. Again, frequent installing and uninstalling doesn’t leave your private keys vulnerable. 

Things to keep in mind

When you are left with no other option than uninstalling some apps from your Ledger S, don’t start uninstalling any app randomly. Instead, be sure that the un-installment should always get started with the dependent apps.  

Once all the dependent apps of a certain stand-alone app are removed, only then you can uninstall the mother app. 

Don’t you know the difference between dependent apps and stand-alone apps? Here goes the detail for you:

  • Stand-alone apps

Apps like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, USDT, Litecoin, Tezos, Polkadot, EOS and Binance are stand-alone. These apps are quite large in size and each of them has a number of subordinate apps.

  • Dependent apps

The subordinate apps under each stand-alone app are known as dependent apps, which are considerably tiny in size. 

BitcoinTestnet, Bitcoin Gold, Bitcoin Cash and Digibyte are four of the dependent apps of Bitcoin. 

Akroma, Callisto, Ether1 and Atheios are a number of dependent apps of Ethereum.

How to uninstall apps on ledger nano s?

Step 1: From your desktop or laptop or phone, open the Ledger Live Application and log in to it

Step 2: From the live app, open the Manager and from there you have to select the device that you’re using currently. Before you select it, check the device name twice to make sure it’s your one.

Step 3: Take your Ledger device in hand and power it on by simply pressing the left button gently.

Step 4: As the screen of the wallet appears, you will be asked to enter the 4 or 8 digits PIN code to successfully log in. 

Don’t you know how to enter the pass code? Well, here is the method for you:

  • By pressing the right button you will get digits successively 1, 2, 3….  
  • Let’s assume that your first digit is 8, so when 8 appears, stop pressing the right button
  • Press both buttons at a time to confirm the first digit
  • This is how you will be selecting and confirming the second, the third and the fourth digit
  • Upon your entering the fourth digit, a check mark will appear (if your PIN code is of 4 digits). Press both buttons at a time to confirm the pass code 
  • If your password is of 8 digits, then the check mark won’t appear before you complete entering the eighth digit. 

Step 5: As you confirm the password, the Ledger Live App will ask you to allow ledger manager on the device. Again, press both buttons at a time to continue.

Step 6: You will find a list of apps on the screen of the Ledger Live App. From the list, locate your required one (for example,Bitcoin Cash) and tap the Bin Bucket sign that is just on the right of the app’s name.

Step 7: Your Ledger Nano X will show you the message of “Processing…..”. Wait a few seconds as long as the BTC doesn’t become invisible on the dashboard of the live app. 

Step 8: In the same way, keep removing all the dependent apps of Bitcoin. And, when all the apps are uninstalled, it’s time to delete the Bitcoin app.  


What happens if I uninstall apps on Ledger?

Ans. Nothing significant or concerning will happen. We mean that your private keys will be safe as before and your assets are still saved securely on the blockchain. Whenever you reinstall the app, you get instant access to the coins.

How many apps fit on Ledger Nano S?

Ans. Ledger Nano S, unlike the nano x can house not more than 20 apps at a time.

Is it possible for me to delete my Ledger Nano S account?

Ans. Yes, you can delete the account easily by following a number of consecutive steps.

Is the Ledger Nano S easy to use?

Ans. With two buttons and simple interface, Nano S is very simple to use.

How long can Ledger Nano S last?

Ans. With a durable battery, the nano s is able to serve you for 5 years at a stretch.

Can I use ledger nano s with Android?

Ans. Yes, you can get your ledger device connected with Android 7+ using an OTG cable.

Final words

To sum up, uninstalling apps on your Ledger S device isn’t a big deal at all unless and until you know the correct method. Never be forgetful of the official process to discover the self in a fix.

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