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October 29, 2021

With the passage of time, the value and popularity of ADA is on the rise. At the present time, its value is almost two times of USD. Realizing the increasing demand of this crypto, today we will be telling you how to use Cardano app with ledger nano s.

Stick to us till the end to learn from the first to the last of the app. Who knows you may need it today or tomorrow.

Pre-preparation: How To Use Cardano App With Ledger Nano S

Before you download the Cardano app and try to access to it, make sure that you have the followings:

  • Ledger Nano S wallet, initialized with the updated firmware 
  • Installed Ledger Live App that is ready to be used

If you fulfill both criteria, it’s time to jump to the main section. Let’s begin!

How to install Cardano app on Nano S?

To get the app successfully installed on your Nano S, you must do the following consecutively:

Step 1: Launch the Ledger Live app on your computer (recommended) or Smartphone.

On the left panel of your computer’s screen, there is a list of commands. From them, choose Manager.

Step 2: Connect your Nano S to the device through which you are using the live app. Use the supplied OTG cable for securing an uninterruptible connection.

As the connection is secured, you will need to log in to the device by entering the 4 or 8 digits passcode.

You might be asked to allow the Manager on the wallet as well, give the permission confidently.

Keep in mind that for the confirmation of password or anything else, you should always press both buttons at a time.

Step 3: Now, look at the screen of the live app. What do you see?  A list of apps, right? From them, locate Cardano.

Got it?

Well, now press the down arrow symbol to initialize the downloading process.

On the screen of your wallet you will see the message of processing.

Halt for a couple of seconds.

By this time, the app’s symbol must be visible on your wallet’s screen and the dashboard of the live app.

You’re done!

How to access Cardano app on Ledger Nano S?

As the app is successfully installed, it’s time to explore it through the Nano S. This requires you to do some additional things.

Here follow those for you step-by-step:

Step 1: Visit the official site of AdaLite and from your Nano S open the Cardano app. The screen of your wallet will show a message - Waiting for commands.

Step 2: On the site of AdaLite, you will be asked - How do you want to access your Cardano Wallet?

Under the question, there will be three options for you. Choose the middle one saying Hardware Wallet. On the new page, you will be given two options and you should hit the Ledger.

AdaLite will be busy in loading the wallet data…..

Step 3: As you see the message of Export public key on the screen of the ledger wallet, confirm that by pressing both buttons at a time.

Again hit both buttons to confirm your command.

As soon as you confirm the key, you are given complete access to the Cardano wallet via your ledger device. You can now check the balance, transaction history and receiving address.

How to verify the receiving address?

Verification of the receiving address is often a headache to many ledger nano s users although it’s a simple process. However, this is how you can verify the address:

Step 1: Access the Cardano app on your Ledger live app.

Step 2: Under the title My Addresses there are a number of addresses given, right? Choose any address with no hesitation and hit the View more option that is just on the right of the address.

As you click on it, a popup appears on the screen. From it, locate the Verify on Ledger and click on it.

Step 3: After a few moments, you will get a message on your Ledger wallet showing address hash and derivation path. Confirm both by pressing both buttons at a time.

How to send ADA from Ledger Nano S?

While transferring ADA, extra precaution is a must as one wrong step can bring a heavy loss for you. Here is how you can make the transfer happen successfully:

Step 1: From the Ledger live app, access the Cardano app and choose the Send ADA option. You will be given a form where you should input the correct receiving address and amount of ADA.

Successively hit the Send ADA and Confirm Transaction button.

Step 2: After a couple of moments, your ledger wallet will seek your permission to launch the transaction process. Allow it to do so by pressing the right button of the device.

Step 3: Verify the amount that you will be sending and confirm it by pressing both buttons simultaneously.

Successively, keep verifying the receiving address and transaction fee. After varying each, hit both buttons at a time to confirm.

Finally, press the right button only to give your consent for the transaction.

Step 4: Now, in this step you have nothing to do manually. Just wait for a few seconds so that the transaction can take place successfully.

If it was a success, AdaLite will show you a message - Transaction successful!


In case you still have some more questions regarding AdaLite, you can quench the thirst by the following Qns:

Is AdaLite safe with Nano S?

Ans. Even after being a 3rd party app, AdaLite is completely safe on your ledger device. Your private ledger key is never shared.

Which hardware wallets do AdaLite support?

Ans. Both series of Ledger Nano and Trezor Model TWhat is the best ADA wallet?

What is the best ADA wallet?

Ans. Coinbase is the best one although Gemini, Kraken are good too

What is the value of ADA against USD?

Ans. 1 ADA = 1.95 USD

Final words

To sum up, as a crypto currency user you should always be updated with the use of almost every dominant currency. Therefore, having a sound knowledge on how to use cardano app with ledger nano s is a must for you as the popularity of ADA has been on the rise.