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April 20, 2020

A leather craft hand tools kit comprises a number of leather repairing tools. Every of the tools has its own way to be used. If you don’t know how to use a certain tool, you will end up causing more damage to your leather furniture or product. 

Considering the significance of the fact, today, this article introduces you to the use of the leather craft hand tools kit. We will be trying to cover almost all the vital tools of a kit. As a leather-lover and circumspect person, it won't be wise for you to ignore the write up.

How to Use Leather Craft Hand Tools Kit?


A patch is a small size of sticker-like substance that sticks over the ripped and holed parts to save the parts from further damage. Besides, a patch hides the damage part of the leather surface thus keeps up the beauty. So, whenever your leather surface gets a hole or a rip instantly cover that one with a piece of leather patch. 

There are two important things that you must consider strictly before patching your damaged leather. First of all, make sure that the color of the patch matches with that of your leather surface. Secondly, the glue that you will be applying on any side of the patch must have gorilla strength.


Whenever you need to create hole over the leather surface, an awl comes to assistance. Hold its wood or plastic made back tightly and put pressure over the leather surface. The dimension of putting the pressure will be decided by the thickness of your leather. However, an awl can be a great cause of your injury, so be aware of its sharp point.


In your repair kit, you may find different types of needle with different shapes and strengths. You must not be indifferent to the choosing of the perfect needle piece needed for your task. Considering the thickness of your leather and thread, your needle piece must be chosen.

When the perfect needle piece is chosen, pass the thread through its eye and start stitching in the way you sew two fabric pieces. 


To keep your finger protected while working with an awl and needle, it is obligatory for you to wear a thimble on the finger. 


If your leather surface has worn away or it’s ripped, you may notice some dangling threads over that part. Use the scissors to trim those threads. In addition, use the scissors to give the patch a perfect size.

Palette knife

Although by name it seems to be a knife yet actually it’s not. Instead, it’s a small stick-like substance. You will be in need of it to apply leather filler all over the ripped or holed leather part. 


After repairing a certain part of your leather surface with filler, you should apply some colorant over it. The purpose is to hide the repaired part giving it a glittering look.

Final words

So, these were the mostly used leather craft hand tools that you are to use in the perfect way to have an appreciated outcome. In addition to these tools, there are threads and measuring tools in major with which you must have been familiar hence left undiscussed.