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July 22, 2021

Have you got a brand new Ledger Nano X Wallet to manage your crypto currencies offline? Then, the first thing that you need to do is to learn how to use ledger nano x like a pro.

Don’t you know how to do that and so are going to be dependent on someone acquainted or on your manager? Don’t dare take the suicidal decision! Instead, we strongly recommend you to stick to our following write up to learn every single operation of it in detail. Here we go!       

How to get connected with the Ledger Live Platform?

For your better and easy understanding, here follow the entire method step-by-step. Be careful enough not to skip any step!

  • Connect the device with the cable provided. As the device powers on, press the silver colored button. As you press it, the device will tell you to download the Ledger Live. 

  • To download the platform, you need to open a browser from your laptop or desktop computer and navigate to 
  • As the official page of Ledger Live appears, you should look for a greenish pan under “step 1/4” saying Download Ledger Live App. 
  • Click on the tiny pan and a list of OS and Store will pop up. Click on the OS or Store from where you would like to download the app.
  • Install the app following the instructions given by the developers
  • As soon as the app is successfully installed, a page pops up with a button below saying “Get Started”. Click on it and then another page will appear where you need to accept the terms & agreement. Finally, click on “Enter Ledger App”.
  • The next page asks you to select your device whether it is Nano S or X or simply Blue. By clicking on Nano X, you will proceed to the next page to set up a new account or recover it if you’re already signed in.
  • If you have a new device and you are a new user, click on Set up a new account option. A new tab will pop up in which there will be an arrow sign just below the right side. Click on it and another tab will pop up saying “Let’s do this!” Click on it.
  • By clicking you will take an entry to a new page that will tell you what to do consecutively. 
  • First of all, turn on your ledger device by pressing the left silver button. As you press that button every time, a new basic info will pop up on the screen. Read the instructions well and don’t forget those.   
  • After 4 or 5 basic info screens, a new screen will appear asking if you want to set it up as a new device. To confirm, you need to press the both right and left button at a time. 
  • The next screen will ask you to set up a PIN that must be between four and eight digits. Again, press the both right and left button at a time to confirm.
  • A new screen will appear. By pressing the right button you can choose the numbers, which are ascending and the left button for descending numbers. 
  • As soon as you set a PIN code of four digits, a tick mark will appear meaning you can finish, if you want. If you don’t want to proceed further to set A PIN code of eight digits then press both the buttons at a time to confirm the PIN. 
  • Once the PIN code is confirmed, take a piece of paper and a pen to do a hassling task to ensure unbreakable security for your crypto. So, what you need to do is to write down 24 unique words as suggested (order and spelling) by your device. To get started, keep pressing the left button. 
  • Make sure that no one can see your words, you never share them with any one and you never lose the paper.   
  • When you are done with the boring writing task, it’s time to confirm by pressing both the buttons at a time. After a short time processing, the device will tell you that it’s ready and you can access the dashboard from your computer.

How to check if my Ledger Nano X wallet is genuine?

From the dashboard, select “Connect Nano”. A page will appear asking you to allow the ledger manager on your device. Give the permission and wait for a while to learn the result.

How to install apps on your Ledger Nano X wallet? 

  • As soon as the test of genuineness is accomplished and your device is passed, go back to your device. It will prompt you to use the ledger live to complete the installation.
  • Open the ledger live from your computer. Go to the Menu and select Manager from the left panel. Under the App catalog, you will have a number of listed apps to install on your device. 
  • Click on the Install button of the app that you need to install right now. As you click, your device will let you know that a new app is about to be installed on it soon. And, when the installation is done, the app will show up on your device’s screen.
  • After a successful installation, your device will ask you to add the account correctly. To do so, you need to return to the ledger live page from where you are to click on Manage my accounts. A new tiny tab will pop up and instruct you what to do consecutively.
  • Once you add the account successfully, you can manage it easily from the ledger live platform. You can send, receive, buy/sell, swap and lend your crypto within a few simple steps that don't take more than 1 minute. 

How to connect Ledgerto your phone via Bluetooth?

  • By connecting the device to your phone via Bluetooth, you can manage the ledger on the go. Here is how you can secure the connection:
  • Install the Ledger Live Application on your phone. Once the installation is accomplished, open the app and choose your device from the very beginning page. 
  • After clicking on the Nano X, don’t go for creating a new account rather be connected to your existing nano. 
  • Enable the Bluetooth of your phone and the Nano device. As the pairing is made, press continue.
  • From now on, you can do all the things from your phone that you have done so far using the computer or laptop.      

How to get access to the control center of a Ledger Nano X Wallet?

  • Press both the buttons at a time to get quick access to the control panel.  
  • From this panel you can see the battery percentage, Bluetooth name and lock the device. 
  • Entering the General and Security Settings to check many other things including serial number, battery saver, firmware version, regulatory info etc.
  • If needed, you can even change the PIN, passphrase and auto lock timings. 

Final words

To conclude, managing your crypto assets offline isn’t an ebay job either. This requires you to have a sound knowledge on how to use ledger nano x. Otherwise, you may end up risking your hard-toiled currencies.


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