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May 27, 2020

Amid the current pandemic of Covid-19, the importance of wearing Kn95 mask is beggar description. But, your use of the mask mayn’t be able to save you from the deadly virus unless you wear the mask in the proper way. 

Finding the issue so significant, today our write up is completely dedicated to introducing you to the correct way of putting on a Kn95 mask. 

How to Wear Kn95 Mask

For your easy understanding, we have divided the entire process into 7 small segments. We humbly request you not to skip any of these followings for your own safety. Here we go!

Step 1: First of all, you should cup the respirator between your thumb and the four other fingers of any hand. Make sure that the nose-piece is in the right side up position. Moreover, ensure that the ear bands hang freely.

Step 2: Place the respirator from a bit upper of the nose to under the chin. Remember that this is the ideal positioning. So, don’t place otherwise.

Step 3:Using any of the hands keep the respirator held steadily. Using the other hand pull the ear bands one after another. Hook the ear bands with your ears. Here, you must be careful because over-pulling may cause rupture in the ear bands.

Step 4: Use the middle and index finger from both hands to mold the nosepiece from both sides. This will fit the nosepiece nicely against your face and nose and below the eyes.

Step 5: Take a mirror to have a look at the fitting. If needed, adjust the edges. This will create a secure seal around your face. 

How to ensure the fit 

Once you put on the mask, it’s time to ensure the fit adopting negative and  positive pressure checks. This will give you a complete verification of the fitting.

  • Negative pressure check

Put both of your hands all over the mask. Now, inhale sharply. While inhaling, make sure that you don’t disturb the positioning of the mask. However, is the mask pulled into your face? Then, all is okay! 

  • Positive pressure check

Put both of your hands all over the mask. Now, breathe out sharply. Does your mask have an exhalation valve? Then, it’s fine! But, if there is hardly or literally no such valve, it means leaking of air. In that case, you must re-fit the mask properly making sure that no air leaks or ins. 


  • When the mask is clogged, you will feel difficulty in inhaling and exhaling. Discard the mask in such a case.
  • Once the mask is set on the face and you are doing your everyday job, don’t touch the mask without washing the hands.
  • Leakage of air or entering of air will make your motto failure

Final words

In the end, we strongly recommend you to lead everyday life as per the regulations of WHO. Keep yourself clean, wear a Kn95 mask whenever going out is a must, eat healthy, stay safe for witnessing a better tomorrow.