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October 17, 2021

Using a used ledger nano s is no less than bringing a catastrophe on your own. How can it be destructive for digital currency and how to ensure protection while using such one is still unknown to many.

Therefore, today we will be answering the frequently asked question - is it safe to buy a used ledger nano s, in detail. Along with that we will be sharing with you the ingenious techniques of checking and securing a used nano s.

Let’s begin!

Is it safe to buy a used ledger nano s?

To be straightforward, it is always advisable not to purchase a used ledger nano s. Such a used digital wallet can prove to be destructive for you in the following ways:

Fabricated private key

It might happen that the wallet you have purchased has come to you not with the built-in key phrase rather the fabricated one.

As soon as you use the key to make anything happen, all the data of your device will be transferred to a cryptic source, keeping you unaware.


Even if the private key is real, it might happen that there is a spyware installed in the device that you cannot trace.

The software will keep transferring the data gradually and at a certain time you will discover that you have gone bankrupt.


To cast dust to your eyes, the hackers can go to any extent and tampering with the nano s wallet from inside is such a talented attempt.

It may happen that the wallet that you have just purchased considering ledger nano s is not actually that.

Yes, you read that right!

Sometimes, the genius hackers with iniquitous ideas in mind produce clones of popular hardware wallets. And as a general user, you have almost no ability to discover the secret as each clone is impeccable.

In short, in the name of Ledger Nano S, you will keep using an unrecognized digital currency wallet and waiting for the moment of disaster.

How to appraise the authenticity of a ledger nano s?

To check the realness of a used nano s, you are left with a cool idea.

First of all, get the device connected to an official application of ledger nano. If it’s a genuine one, it will pass the cross-checking of the private key that should be unique for every device.

In case, the application can’t recognize the key of the connected wallet, discard the device at once.

How to ensure further security?

Even if the device is proven to be a real one, you have something more to do to ensure maximum security for your digital assets.

What’s that? That’s simply a resetting of the device.

Don’t you know how to do that? Then, here follows two popular methods for you:

Method 1:

  • Plug the wallet to the your computer using the supplied OTG cable 
  • As the screen device lights up, enter its pre-setPIN code
  • Confirm the password by pressing both buttons at a time
  • You will be given complete access to the ledger wallet. Now, do the following:
  • Locate “Settings” first and from there identify “Device” option
  • On entering this particular option, find out the “Reset all” option
  • Tap and confirm the option
  • Once you confirm, your wallet will take a few seconds to be ready for you as a completely fresh device

Method 2:

  • When the screen of the wallet lights up, enter a wrong password
  • As you confirm the incorrect password, your wallet will ask you to enter the right one 
  • No need to listen to the given instruction rather keep entering the wrong pass code for two more times
  • By entering the pass incorrectly for the third time, you will force the device to take an automatic reset

Final words

To sum up, you should always stay away from buying a used ledger nano s device whose new official edition costs $59 only. Even though you decide to buy it from a trustworthy reseller, take the hassle of meticulous checking and resetting it. Otherwise, you may end up being pauperized.