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July 30, 2021

With the increasing popularity of the Ledger Nano X wallet, a question has been a phenomenon - is ledger Nano x safe? Thereby, we have taken an initiative to give you a satisfactory answer today. 

Let’s see to which extent Ledger Nano X is safe for your crypto currencies!   

1. Inner security

CC EAL5+ certification

Ledger stores all your crypto currencies including Bitcoin, Bitcoin cash, Ethereum, EOS, XRP offline instead of online. This is the cogent reason for the wallet being grossly safe for you. It is so safe that it possesses the CC EAL5+ certification for impeccable security. 


To ensure the maximum security for the users in a unique and in the best possible way, Ledge X comes with a BOLOS operating system that is not bought and secured by another company. 

Instead, it is an operating system of the Ledger company itself and is constantly maintained by a group of highly skilled experts. 

This is how a Ledger wallet has no probability of coming with or being attacked with spyware.

Ledger Live App

Just like the BOLOS OS, this app is another extraordinary innovation of Ledger X developer. This is an extremely user-friendly app that you can install on your laptop or desktop computer and get your wallet connected with it.

Once the connection is achieved, you can install necessary apps  on your device from the officially recognized site of Ledger. Again, using the site you can buy/sell, borrow/lend or exchange your crypto in a most secure way. 

Secure Bluetooth system

Via a Bluetooth connection you can connect your phone or tab to the hardware wallet. Although, using Bluetooth might slightly be threatening yet you have not to be worried at all regarding security. 


Well, first of all, you can transfer only public data through the connection. So, the private keys and seed are never sharable even in your subconscious mind.

Then, even if any hacker is able to break the Bluetooth security and is able to make changes keeping you unaware, the Security Element of Ledger Nano X will ask your permission. 

24 security words

At the time of securing a connection between your device and the live app, you will be asked to write down 24 unique words as suggested (order and spelling) by your device. 

Next time, you try to secure the connection through a new wallet or anyone else tries to do so or you try to reset the password, both you and the hacker will have to pass the word matching test. 

2. Outward security     

Extended durability

The wallet besides offering you maximum security from inside is equally rough-and-tough from outside. Being manufactured with brushed stainless steel and premium plastic, it can easily digest accidental hits and falls. 


  • While writing down the suggested 24 words, make sure that no one can see your words
  • It is always advisable to save the words offline and scattered. That’s to say 5 words in one place and 10 words in another. 
  • Always install apps only from the official site of Ledger 

Final words

In the end, we must say that the offline Ledger X wallet has one of the best security systems for your crypto, which is next-to-impossible to break let alone penetrate. 

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