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November 10, 2018

Tired of damping your expensive couches into landfills? Scared about sending your couches to a repair center? Just a small scratch causes the beauty and lavishness of a couch to get lost. The money required to repair these couches does not seem worth it, as a new couch can be purchased with that amount of money. These many problems can be solved by one innovation that is known as “TM Patch UP”. Like the way it is alarming for someone to damp an expensive couch in a landfill, it was alarming to the owners of TM Group as well. The thought of reducing the number of couches in the landfill led to the invention of TM Patch Up.

TM Patch Up is leather sub-patches that cover different problems that a leather object faces. They have the ability to cover holes, scratches, burns, stains, and peelings. The TM Patch Up is not necessary to be used on leather couches only. It can be used for multiple purposes like fixing leather handbags, shoes, sofas, car seats, leatherjackets upholstery fabrics and many more kind of leather objects. Other than fixing leather coated objects, TM Patch Up has the ability to fix objects made up vinyl and suede leather. We will go through an overview of its features and specifications making things crystal clear about why it should be purchased.

FEATURES Leather and Vinyl Repair Patch Review:


The TM Patch Up does not require any extra leather adhesive to cover up holes. It has glue on its back that is made up of high-quality adhesive compounds and is revealed once the backing paper is peeled off. The strength of the glue is high enough giving a long lasting staying effect. Moreover, the glue is nontoxic, which makes it eco-friendly and is also extreme cold, heat and water resistant.

Color option

The TM Patch Up has a range of color to choose from. It will match the color of the leather and will remain unnoticed. The way it blends with the color of the rest of the leather coated surface makes it one of the favorite sub-patch amongst customers.

Quality of leather:

The leather of TM Patch Up is genuine. It is soft, synthetic and flexible enabling it to get blended and camouflaged with rest of the leather coat on an object. The leather is durable so it does not get peeled off easily taking up its quality to a higher level. Furthermore, the thickness of the leather has been thoughtfully made this to make it look invisible. It is also stain resistant and has the ability to stay neat for a long time.

Customizable size:

For fixing holes in shoes and bags there is no requirement of using the whole TM Patch Up. By just using a pair of scissors, you can easily cut out the size you require and paste it on the hole that you desire.


TM Patch Up can serve a lot of purposes such as covering stains, holes, peeling, and scratches. It can be used not only couches but also leather jackets, shoes, sofas, leather chairs, and many more other leather objects.

Comes with money back guarantee:

If you don’t find satisfaction after using the TM Patch Up, the owner will happily return the money back and you will not need to return them the product.


  • Product Dimensions: 3x6x0.1 inches
  • Item weight: 1.6 ounces
  • Shipping weight: 1.6 ounces
  • Manufacturer: TMGroup


  • Comes with a range of different colors.
  • The leather is genuine, synthetic, durable and thin in thickness enabling it to get easily blended.
  • The leather is soft and flexible.
  • An adhesive is resistant to extreme cold, heat and water.
  • Leather does not get peeled off easily.
  • Simple to use and is effective in providing long-lasting repair effect.
  • Is affordable and eco-friendly.
  • Comes with SATISFACTION Guarantee.


  • The size that it comes in might not enough for too large holes.
  • The TM Patch Up comes in one piece per packet. If you require more you will need to repurchase or order a number of pieces.


How do I use the sub-patch?

First, clean the area you want to apply TM Patch Up upon and make sure it is dust free for it to last long. If you want to customize the size just cut out your desired size using a sharp pair of scissors. And then peel off the backing paper and paste it into the hole by applying slights pressure.

Is there any requirement of providing heat or ironing after pasting on the sub-patch?

No, the TM Patch Up is self-adhesive and does not require any kind of heating. It is strong enough to stick on to for a long time giving you a long-lasting repair effect.

Do I need to wait for the glue to dry?

No, to use TM Patch Up there is no requirement of using any leather adhesive. You will not need to put on any efforts for drying up such as using the hairdryer and wait for annoying hours.

Final Words:

To sum up, by using TM Patch Up for sealing holes of sofas, couches or any kind of leather objects you can never go wrong. There is no chaos regarding using it. With its easy cut-peel-stick system you can repair holes anytime without much sweating. Moreover, there is no hassle about drying glues and waiting for long hours, making you impatient. You get to purchase a great innovative solution in such an affordable price that will be saving a greater amount of your bucks. You will not need to sweat up about purchasing a new couch further, because of the way TM Patch up performs.