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March 05, 2019

Wasting 60 minutes of your valuable time behind self-repairing couches has become a regular hassle? Are you looking for something that takes less than thirty seconds to cover scratches and also provides long term repair effect? To answer all your questions, we have brought an ultimate solution for you, which is a self-adhesive leather repair patch called MastaPlasta.

MastaPlastais one of the revolutionary invention that has brought changes to many practices of the world and has also saved money of billions of people. By providing the best services the number of couches that was being dumped in landfills has decreased amazingly. People have stopped wasting money by purchasing new couches or by sending couches to repairing centers. To know how these changes has been enhanced by MastaPlastawe will go through an overview of its features, pros and cons.

Features of MastaPlastaSelf-Adhesive Patch for Leather and Vinyl Repair Review:

Instant results within few seconds

MastaPlastahas a self-adhesive technology that enables users to finish the job of repairing within few seconds. Just peel of the backing paper and apply it to the desired area you wish to cover up. You will not need any sort of glue, fillers or heat.


MastaPlasta is extra-large in size. It is 8x11 inches in dimension. This enables you to cut the patch into any shape you want to cover up awkward kind of spots, holes, tears, burns and blemishes.

Serves multi-purposes

MastaPlastais suitable for use on multiple fabrics because of the raw deluxe synthetic materials that it is made up of. It blends in with the fabric it is applied on so that you can bring the object you are repairing back to life. It can cover spots on leather, suede, faux feather, vinyl and many other upholstery fabrics.

Made with innovative raw materials

MastaPlastais promising you to provide long term repair effect by being high in terms of durability, sun-resistant, stain resistant, mold resistant and abrasion resistant. It is breathable and extremely soft that enables you to cut it in desired shape. MastaPlasta is eco-friendly as well because the raw materials and packaging have been made up of recycled products and is recyclable itself.

Comes in a range of standard colors

MastaPlastacomes in a range of standard colors to choose from so it can cover up objects of any color so that your furniture looks lively after repairing


  • Finishes the job of repairing in less than 60 seconds.
  • Suitable for use on multiple fabrics.
  • High in terms of quality and durability.
  • Made up of environment friendly raw materials.


  • Not suitable for machine washing.


1. Do I need to heat up the patch after drying?

Ans: No, there is no requirement of heating the patch up as the self-adhesive is strong enough to stick the patch up.

2. Do I need to stick the whole patch up for covering very small scratches?

Ans: To cover small scratches you will need just a small portion of the patch up. Cut a portion of it according to the size of scratch or hole.


To conclude, don’t let those scratches dull the char of your couches any longer. Bring your furniture or other objects back to life with MastaPlasta. This revolutionary is not only saving a lot of your bucks but it is also saving you from facing a lot of tiredness and troubles.*