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June 21, 2020

If you have been in confusion regarding which mask is to use - Kn95 or N95 to battle the Covid-19 pandemic then this is the article for you. It presents you with a constructive comparison and contrast of the two on the basis of basic mask quality determining criteria. 

N95 vs. KN95

We assure you that the comparison and contrast have been made on the basis of the researchers’ experiments. That’s to say attributing more or less importance to any of the masks isn’t our motto. 

Comparison between Kn95 and N95

  • Filter performance: The filter of both Kn95 and N95 masks has the capacity of killing the germs of Covid-19 by 95%. In some cases, this rate has been found to be a bit more. More interesting fact is that both the filters are able to clog particles, which are even 0.3 microns or less than this size.
  • Test agent: The prime test agent for the two is NaCl. Basically, NaCl is the prime test agent for almost all the masks.

Contrast betweenKn95 and N95

  • Manufacturer: The basic contrast between the two masks is their manufacturing country. N95 is a USA based face mask that is manufactured conforming to the NIOSH - 42CFR84 standards. On the contrary, Kn95 is a face mask manufactured by China following the GB2626-2006 standards.
  • Shape: Are you familiar with hemisphere and polygon? No, it’s not mandatory for you to be aware of these two, we’re just asking. However, if we talk about the shape of a N95 mask then it’s a hemisphere. And, the shape of a Kn95 mask is quite similar to a polygon that features a number of cones.
  • Moreover, when you hold the two masks by your hand, you will find Kn95 to be flatter than the other one.
  • Fastener: In terms of fastener, N95 features two straps that you will place behind your head. But, Kn95 comes with ear loops instead of fasteners.
  • Leakage: If you consider the two masks in terms of inward leakage then you will find N95 to be totally leak-proof while Kn95 leaks less than 8% on an average. 
  • Inhalation resistance: While using N95 mask, you will feel a bit more difficult to inhale. That’s to say N95 requires comparatively more strict requirements for pressure drop when you inhale.
  • Exhalation resistance: Just like inhalation, exhalation with an N95 is also a bit difficult. The mask requires comparatively more strict requirements for pressure drop when you exhale.
  • Co2 clearance requirement: N95 mask requires no Co2 clearance while the importance of Co2 clearance in case of a Kn95 mask is less than 1%. 

Final words

To sum up, throughout the write up, nowhere we have tried to promote any of the masks - N95 or Kn 95. Our sole purpose was to introduce you to the similarities and the dissimilarities of the two that we have done. Now, the decision of purchasing is up to you.