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March 18, 2019

Using your earnings, you brought a luxurious couch that is covered by leather which feels soft, silky and lavish as soon as you touch it. However, when misfortune strikes and just one scratch or a small hole makes the look of your newly brought couch go dull. Is that making you sweat out? Then, don’t worry anymore as we have brought a solution to all your miseries that is called Pelle Patch. This amazing revolutionary invention is the ultimate solution to all the problems that you face regarding your couches.

In this article, we are going to list all the important features along with pros and cons of Pelle Patch that makes it an amazing leather patch. By going through an overview of features you will surely get yours today itself.

Features of Pelle Patch Vinyl Repair Review:

3 step repairing

Even if Pelle Patch is an amazing innovative invention it does not give users any sort of trouble while using it. You can repair your couches within few minutes by just cleaning the area you wish to repair. After cleaning, cut the patch according to your desired shape that is of the size of the area that you wish to repair. Peel of the paper behind the patch and stick the patch onto the damaged area.

Comes in two types

Pelle patch comes in two types named Original and heavy Duty. The ORIGINAL patch has been manufactured to repair damaged leather of objects like bags, jackets and cart seats. It is soft and flexible in nature so that it can be curved easily to get blended with the material of the objects mentioned.

The HEAVY DUTY patch is tough and rigid in nature and has been manufactured specifically to repair couches as they are abrasion resistant as well.

Large in size

For you to be able to use Pelle Patch for a good number of times, it comes in a size of 8x11 inches. This size is large enough, which enables you to customize in desired shape for repairing the damage of the leather.

Comes in 25 colors

A leather patch having an option of 25 colors is surely insane. You will now get to choose your Pelle Patch according to your desired color for repairing your furniture.


  • Comes in two different types to suit different purposes.
  • Is able to repair multi objects made up of leather or vinyl.
  • Affordable.
  • Comes with a range of 25 colors to choose from.
  • Large in size.
  • Shape can be customized.


  • Residue of glue might remain on the surface if the patch is peeled off.


1. Do I need to use any sort of glue to stick the patch harder?

Answer: No, the self-adhesive of Pelle is strong enough for the patch to stick on the area you wish to repair.

2. Do I need to heat up the patch after sticking it on to the surface of my furniture?

Answer: There is no requirement of any heat.


To sum up, don’t further research for solutions and get yourself confused. Bring Pelle Patch today itself for repairing all of your damaged couches without awaiting much. Bring your couches and the damaged furniture without wasting much of your valuable time.*