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November 14, 2018

Are you looking for the ultimate solution to repair leather coated objects at home, independently? Sending leather couches and furniture to a repairing center is not only cost ineffective but wasting energy for transportation is also tiresome. The struggle of repairing leather object does not end here. Some of us prefer to purchase new leather objects instead of repairing the worn out ones as the cost required for repairing is equal to the cost needed to purchase a new one. Loses is what an individual gets to face, sadly. However, you need not sweat further about your loved leather objects. TM leather brought out the ultimate leather and vinyl repairing kit. It contains all the essentials required for self-repairing. The performances of the repair kit do not stop here.

TM leather repair kit can be used for a number of multi purposes. To be more precise, it can be used for anything that is leather coated including coaches, car seats, bags, shoes, and jackets. If you are wondering whether it would match the color of the object. You need not worry about it as that is what the kit has been invented for. It has the complete kit with a number of standard colors that you can mix and match with the color of the leather you desire to repair. A further overview of its features and how TM leather kit preforms will make everything clear.

FEATURES of leather and vinyl repair kit by TM leather:


The TM leather repair kit contains sheets of special paper that can be used to paint on the part that is damaged and the color can be customized according to your choice. It is an original DIY leather repair kit providing you a hassle-free experience of repairing leather objects on your own, independently.


It is obvious that you will not be handed over the kit without any directions or guidelines. Doing things on your own surely gets messy! The kit has an informative set of instructions included that will leave no questions behind in your mind. By reading the instructions carefully you can get down to repairing without any worries.

Serves multi-purpose:

The thinking about TM leather kit to be able to repair only leather couches is wrong! It amazingly repairs any kind of leather object imaginable. Starting form leather couches, bags, jackets, car seats, shoes and many more. There is no limitation regarding its usage. Anything that is coated with leather or vinyl can be recolored with the assistance of TM leather kit.

About materials:

The raw materials that have been used to manufacture the colors of the kit are of high quality that is eco-friendly. The colors dry out fast when applied on.

Satisfaction guarantee:

100% satisfaction guarantee is being provided by the manufacturers. If you are not satisfied with the product you will be happily refunded and you will not need to send back the product.



1. Price: $13.54

2. Product Dimensions: 7.3x3.6x1.1 inches

3. Item weight: 3.36 ounces

4. Shipping weight: 3.36 ounces

5. Manufacturer: TM leather



  • There is no requirement of any kind of glue or sub patch if you use this kit to recolor damaged leather.
  • Repairs anything that has leather or vinyl as a coat.
  • Colors can be customized by mixing standard colors provided.
  • Comes with a set of instruction that can help the user.
  • Low in price and provides multi purposes.
  • Comes with the money back guarantee.
  • The repair is long lasting.
  • All the tools in the kit are made up of eco-friendly materials.



  • Large wholes cannot be fixed using this kit.
  • Only peelings stains can be recolored.


How will I use the TM leather repair kit?

The kit comes with a paper detailed with the necessary information required by the user regarding its usage.

What do I do if I just want a specific color?

To guide you about colors, the repair kit comes with a color chart that mentions which colors you need to mix to achieve your desired color. By following the mentioned details, you can achieve your desired color in a jiffy.

Does the paint have a strong smell?

As the tools of the kit have been manufactured with eco-friendly raw materials it clears out that it will not have the strong smell that triggers your nerves. It has been made with the purpose of being completely environment-friendly.


To conclude, the TM leather repair kit is the ultimate solution for all the problems that you face regarding wear and tear of your leather objects. Furthermore, with the instruction manual that comes with it, self-repairing has been made easier. You get to customize the color you desire by simply following the color chart that is provided. Moreover, the feature of the tools being made up of eco-friendly materials makes the money spent worth it. The color is long lasting and does not smell of unpleasant strong chemicals. You get all these benefits beyond expectations, at an affordable price.