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September 09, 2019

It may seem to be a bit exotic to you at first that how a mug can be the best occasional gift. But, the fact is- here we are not referring to your everyday used ordinary mugs. Instead, we are talking about the mugs that come with quality material, satisfying design and great message. In short, our mugs value your hard-toil money the most. 

The Best Occasional Gift- Mug

The mugs that we have listed can be gifted to your mom, dad, friends or any dear one without any qualm. Let’s introduce you to each one in detail. 


Have you any plan to surprise your mom on the upcoming Mother's Day with something exceptional that at the same time expresses thanks to her for her great contribution?

Then, this Mother's Day coffee mug can take the place of your dream gift!

This is because the mug has an excellent inscription outside thanking your mother for bringing up you and your siblings with incomparable compromises. 

We guarantee that as soon as your mom reads the inscription, she will grow emotional and want to hug you hard.

Besides, the mug’s premium quality material and design exhibit the purity of your love towards her.


There is no doubt that children are always fond of cartoon and fairy characters. So, if your gifting person is a sweet child who may be your own kid, nephew or niece, you must go for this mug.

The reason for our saying so is- there is a printed picture of a unicorn just outside the mug. Also, there are few words inscribed just beside the picture and it seems like the unicorn is uttering some magical words. 

Such things are always attractive to the children. Most interesting fact is that parents can often use such child-attractive thing to feed them easily. 

Hence, gifting the mug isn’t going to be a waste of money from any perspective!


This can be another ideal gift for your sacrificing mother as the mug’s inscription ‘home owner’ gives her the feelings like a boss. 

Hence, presenting her with it is a direct acknowledgement that she is the chief of the family and everyone else lives on her mercy. Quite interesting, isn’t it? HA...HA…

Moreover, the exquisite depiction of a bunch of welcoming flowers chills her every morning for the rest of the day that’s going to be exhausting.

Furthermore, it contains quality ceramic so neither tea nor coffee nor other soft drinks can create any stain. 

Again, because of such quality material, your mom can get her drinks hot directly placing the mug inside the microwave.


Do you have any relative or friend who is excessively obsessed with his or her cat and can go to any extent for it? In case you have such a dear one then believe us this mug is going to be the best gift to him or her. 

The mug has got a picture of a cute cat with some words that express that he or she is highly sacrificing for own cat. 

So, gifting it to him or her will be a great acknowledgement towards him or her animal loving attitude. And, such type of acknowledgement is highly needed to inspire all for caring for the animals.  


If you have someone familiar who has been struggling hard to do something great then we strongly recommend you to gift him or her this mug on any occasion. 


Well, this is one of the rarest mugs that contains some inspirational words. The words are so positive that whenever the person is gonna be tired and drinking tea or coffee from it, he or she will be full of energy and spontaneity as soon as cast eyes on the words.

Moreover, the sturdiness of the mug teaches him or her never to break down in any course of his struggle. 

Final words

We hope by this time you have already been aware how mugs can even be the best occasional gift. If you have been then why to be shy anymore dear? From onward, never consider a mug a trifling gift rather be proud that your gift is exceptional.