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November 12, 2019

Handbags are always an indispensable accessory for women when going out. In addition to the main function is to store items, bags also show the fashion style of each individual.

When used regularly, it is inevitable that the stains appear, especially with bags made of light-colored skin, the worse. So, let's store and clean our bags with these helpful tips:

- Should keep the bag on the shelf instead of hanging in the cupboard: because after a period of hanging up the bag straps will be damaged due to the weight of the whole bag.

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- You should also keep the desiccant silica gel packs in the bag. Do not throw them away, as they keep your bag wet. If possible, try to bring the bag out to the air once a week to prevent mold growth. Another solution is to use your bags alternately, both to help them not being damp by not touching for a long time and can reduce wear and tear.

- Keep bags in dry and clean places when you are not using them, ideally put in specially designed dustbag to help protect the bag. Dustbag bags are not only beautiful - they are made to keep your bag free of dust when not in use, so don't throw it away. If not, you can also use an old pillowcase to cover your bag.


- Clean the bag once a week with warm water and shower gel: mix a small amount of shower gel into warm water and use a soft cotton cloth to wipe away stains on the skin surface.

- Clean leather handbags with shoe polish: you can use shoe polish to clean your leather bag. However, you should note that the type of cement you use is suitable for your bag and only uses a small amount of xi when cleaning the bag.

- Do not use wet wipes: we sometimes use baby wipes to clean leather bags. However, wet towels containing many chemicals are easy to make the bags fade, wrinkled and dry skin. Therefore, it is best to use a damp cloth soaked in water with a little diluted shower gel to clean.

- Wipe the bag vertically: usually we have a habit of wiping the bag horizontally when the bag is dirty. But to avoid damaging the leather surface of the bag, you should wipe it vertically.

- Do not use water to clean the grease: If your leather bag is greasy, use a soft cloth to dry gradually. Absolutely do not use water to wipe because they can damage the skin surface. Another useful way, is to use corn starch to suck oil, you coat a little cornstarch on the stain then bring it under the light to add heat to help absorb the powder quickly, using a toothbrush Soft or clean cotton cloth, repeat several times until grease stains disappear.

- Use a white eraser to remove new ink stains: most effective when applied immediately after the ink is stained. Use a moderate amount of light force and a gentle eraser to remove ink and stain. Avoid rubbing too hard as it will remove the color of your skin.

- Use Baking soda to remove unpleasant odors: put baking soda powder in a cloth bag and put in your bag for 24 hours, soda powder will absorb unwanted odors in your bag.

- Do not leave the leather bag in direct sunlight for too long as this will cause the skin color to fade and damage the skin.

- Another note, we should not wear light bags when wearing dark clothes because dyes can stick to the skin after friction. This is one of the hardest stains on a bag.