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November 02, 2018

Tired of sending your leather couch to repairing center for every wear and tear it faces? Unnecessary loss of bucks behind repairing a leather couch has become concerning to you? Why not purchase a lifesaving accessory like TMpatchup? TMgroup has come up with an amazing sub patch called TMpatchup that will assist you in saving bucks! Sub-patches are used to cover any large holes that are bored in leather couches. The most amazing part of using a sub-patch is, you can repair your couch anytime you desire, without having to send it to a repair center that is bot tiresome and cost ineffective.

An amazing sub-patch is the TMpatchup. It is made up of soft leather serving multi purposes. The TMpatchup comes in different colors to match the color of your leather furniture that you desire to repair. With its range of colors, you can be relieved as it gets easily camouflaged with rest of the leather of your furniture remaining unspotted. Furthermore, TMpatchup does not only serve the purpose of hiding large holes of sofas but it also helps you hide wear and tear of cars seats, leather jackets, leather handbags and any material made of leather including shoes. The durability that it’s genuine leather provides is mesmerizing! You will not need to sweat about it getting peeled off as it provides a long lasting repair that will last for a couple of good times.

Features TMgroup Leather Couch Patch:

Self-adhesive: Sticking the TMpatchup does not require any extra leather adhesive to be purchased. It has stickiness which has been made using high adhesive compounds to provide long lasting repair to the user.

Quality of leather: The leather that has been used for its manufacture is completely genuine and is highly durable to avoid it from getting peeled off. The leather is high in quality soft and flexible.

Size: Large in size 8”x11” inches.

Colors: You will not need to worry about colors, as it comes in many standard colors that exist and will easily blend in with the color of the surface of your leather object.


  • Price: $19
  • Product dimensions: 11x8x0.1 inches
  • Item weight: 1.44 ounces
  • Shipping weight: 1.92 ounces
  • Manufacturer: TMpatchup


  • Serves multi purposes and can be used to repair any leather objects like car seats, couches, purses, shoes, jackets and many more.
  • Easy to use and has a simple cut-peel-stick system.
  • Easily matches the with any colored leather as it has a wide range of colors.
  • There is no requirement of purchasing a leather adhesive as it has a self-adhesive feature.
  • Affordable as it is low in price
  • Comes with the money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the product you will be refunded any time you desire.
  • Eco-friendly.
  • The leather is genuine and high in terms of durability giving the user a long lasting repair.


  • The size that it comes in might not be enough so you might need to purchase more than one patches if the holes you want to hide is way too large.


How do I use the leather patch?

The TMpatchupcomes in a size of eight by eleven inches. Before sticking the TMpatchupclean the damaged area where you want to stick the patch, by trimming rough edges. For achieving your desired size and shape, cut out a part using a pair of sharp scissors and just peel off the sticker behind and paste it on your desired place. It is that easy to use without any chaos.

Will I get refunded if I am not satisfied after trying it?

The TMpatchup comes with a SATISFACTION GUARANTEE. If you are not satisfied with t’s performances, the manufacturers have promised to refund anytime you desire.

Will the color of the patchmatches my furniture?

The pro feature that the patch provides is it comes in different standard colors to choose from that will definitely satisfy your need. It gets easily blended with the color of the leather so that it remains unnoticed making your furniture look lavish.

Will the leather get peeled off?

No, the manufacturers are not playing any games with all that money you pay for the product! It is made up of high quality, durable and genuine leather. You will not be disappointed with its performances and it gives amazing pay off anyone wishes for.

Final words:

To conclude, The TMpatchupnot only comes in standard colors to match with your leather shows too! They are eco-friendly providing long-lasting repair results. And the best part is that it will not require any heat to stick on and you will not have the fuss to iron it. It is completely hassle-free and user-friendly. In addition, the no requirement of any leather adhesive will be

saving your valuable bucks. There will be no need to keep patience to allow the glue to dry because of its cut-peel-stick feature. Using a leather adhesive is both tiresome and annoying. The TMpatchupis not playing games with users as it is made up of durable genuine leather and the stickiness of the sticker is made up of highly adhesive compounds. Moreover, it is designed to be slim to prevent itself from getting peeled away, making your couch or leather object look sleek by remaining unnoticed.