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February 25, 2019

If you are a leather products freak person, then there is a certain chance that you have heard the name of TMpatchup, which is USA based leather repairing services provider. The services provided by it have simply been amazing in meeting the users' needs for a quite long time.

However, today our focus is not on this excellent service providing company rather it’s on the person who has been behind the company. Yes, you read that right, today we will be presenting the pros and cons of Mai Huynh Trung’s life. We will also explore his journey of establishing such a fabulous servicing company. Let’s begin!

Early Life

Mai Huynh Trung was born on July 26, 1989, in a solvent and respected family of Vietnam. In the beginning, he was introduced to education by his parents in the home environment. This is to note that he has always been meritorious. However, then, he was sent to a Kindergarten for completing primary education. After that, he went to a well-known high school where he passed the public exam successfully. Later on, he took admission in one of the renowned universities of Vietnam named University of Transport and Communication (UTC). He took his graduation degree from this university with pride taking result.

Life in the USA

After completing the graduation degree, Mr. Trung shifted to the USA in 2012 for seeking a better fortune. On the arrival of the USA, he started working under different companies at different time to survive. Everything was going well as being perseverance and assiduous, he could support himself in such an unknown and expensive country quite well and easily. But, an innovative mind can never pacify itself until and unless it can actualize its imagination of doing something large.

Such is the case occurred with Mai Huynh Trung. He never wanted to be a servant of different bosses and carry out their orders with ‘yes sir’ and ‘no sir’. Instead, he always wanted to make his own fortune in his own way where he himself would be the king and none would be able to make him bound to his or her order. Therefore, at a fine evening, he took the decision of involving himself with a startup with which he would be able to materialize his dreams.

Establishment of TMpatch

Although Mai Huynh Trung was thinking to jump into a startup yet he couldn’t collect dare enough to invest his hard-toiled money to something uncertain. But, a miracle happened when he was introduced to Dang Le Nguyen Vu, the founder of Trung Nguyen Coffee. Trung came to know that Dang Le had been a person like him and so started his own startup with Coffee that has already brought huge success and name for him.

Being inspired by Dang Le’s real-life story, Trung began to find out something with which his startup could be unique enough to draw the attention of the general mass. At one point in his brainstorming, he found that there are numerous leather products shops all over the USA but rarely has any leather repairing service providing firm. He, at once, picked this one as his startup subject. Finally, at the end of 2017, Mai Huynh Trung launched his own startup under “TMpatch Leather Repair” title.

Success story

Actually, Mr. Trung was right in his selection of startup subject. Within a short time, the startup raised a satisfactory level of reliance among leather product users. The users started feeling an excitement to have such an exceptional service providing firm around them.

With the passage of time, its popularity has been spreading widely throughout the USA and other countries as well. Seeing the increasing popularity of the startup, people felt inclination to be the company’s member and now its total number of members is six that will certainly increase in near future.

Isn’t it a great success for such a novice entrepreneur?

Current mission of Mai Huynh Trung

Being inspired by the increasing popularity of TMpatch, Mr. Trung is determined to take the current rank of his business to the top of Amazon’s leather repairing websites. He is sanguine of accomplishing the target within 2/4 years. Though it’s a great challenge that requires much responsibility and innovation yet Trung is not upset a bit. Because he is sure to get his mission accomplished as he and his company are always honest in serving the customers. To say in simple, his mission is to have more success on the basis of honesty. Beside all he want to establish his own coffee brand. His idol Dang Le Nguyen Vu inspired him not only in his career, but also his perspective when he was 18 years old.

Mai Huynh Trung like the book “Four Hours Work Week“ written by Timothy Ferriss. So his opinion about work "we are not live our whole life for working, work hard and enjoy your life"  

So, this was all about the life story of Mai Huynh Trung that is really inspiring for anyone. We hope that very soon his basket of success will overflow and this biographical article will be longer. With this hope, here ends our today’s presentation