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April 20, 2020

To buy something you can’t simply go to the market and have the thing just blindly without judging anything. Instead, even if you are unaware of the pros and cons of that thing, you must somehow learn a detail of it for making the best purchase. 

Similarly, for buying a leather repair kit that gives a new life to your leather furniture or any other product, you must be considerate of a number of criteria. Otherwise, you may end up having a glittering yet of no use repair kit that will eventually cause more damage. 

Therefore, this article will be giving you a detail of those criteria that you must consider strictly. Let’s get started!

What to consider before buying leather repair kit?

Color matching

Keep in mind that the kit that you will be purchasing and using to repair the damaged leather surface will be a substitution for the original surface.

So, if the patches contained in the kit don’t match the color of backing fabrics, dyes, paints of the original leather then the patch is going to be the worst ever substitution. 


It is never fixed how many tools and which types of tools will be there in a kit. Basically, it’s a matter of users’ necessity. It is you who are completely responsible for finding out that kit which includes all the tools you will be in need of. 

But, there are some tools, which are the basics thus your kit mustn’t miss these: clothes and alcohol wipes for cleaning, grain paper and sandpaper for preparation, adhesive and application swabs, leather samples and backing fabrics for patching, dyes and paints for recoloring, bowls and mixing tools, sponges, dye pens, brushes and instructions.


Unarguably, all the tools must have this quality. But, there are two special tools - glue and color. If in any case either of the two proves to be harsh then there remains a great chance of damage of your leather. But, nothing to be concerned about if you can make sure of the following things. 

  • Glue: Quality glue creates a super strong bond within the shortest possible time. It may take maximum 2 to 3 minutes to offer you an un-detachable bondage.

Besides, the created bondage will be resistant to water and sunlight. It will be flexible enough not to get broken at any time.

Moreover, you must be able to erase it easily from your hands or floor by simply rubbing.  

Furthermore, the glue will spread no such smell that may irritate your eyes and nose primarily and eventually harm the skin.  

  • Color: Just like glue, color contained in the kit must also be convenient enough to be used. It first of all shouldn’t contain any harmful chemicals to prolong longevity and to look more attractive. 

Besides, it should also be resistant to water and sunlight otherwise it will fade away after some days or weeks. 

Quality of metal tools 

Your kit must be featuring metal made tools like needles and scissors. In case of these, you must make sure that those are made of stainless steel. Otherwise, those will be attacked with rust shortly hence will be capable of serving you only for a short duration. 

Final words

To sum up, don’t visit the leather repair kit shop without a basic knowledge of the tools. Otherwise, there remains a great chance of your being fooled by the silver-tongued sellers.