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August 09, 2019

There is no doubt that leather is another name of elegance. The furniture of your house made of leather adds a new dimension to the beauty of decoration. That’s why the popularity of leather furniture has always been high among the fancy people. 

Are you the type of person who prefers leather to other furniture material? Then it is wise for you to learn what to look before buying leather furniture. Otherwise, you may end up buying something glittering yet of low-quality.

Therefore, we dedicate this article for you. Hope, you will stick to the end for your own sake at least!

What to look before buying leather furniture?

Here goes a number of criteria that you must consider before making the purchase of any leather made furniture:

Type of leather

The first thing that you must take seriously while buying leather furniture is- the type of leather used to make the furniture. Basically there are many kinds of leather yet we strongly recommend you to buy any of the following three types: pigmented, aniline, and semi-aniline. 

Now, your curious mind may want to know which specific type you should pick. Actually, it completely depends on your necessity and flexibility. You must check each of the types’ features and decide which one is more perfect for you. 

Let’s have a look at the features of each type!

Firstly, pigmented leather is capable of resisting soiling, fading, and scuffing. As a result, you will find this to be highly durable.

Then, aniline leather is relatively less resistant to soiling yet offers you the most natural look.

On the other hand, semi-aniline doesn’t only offer a natural look but also is more durable than aniline. 

Moreover, this is to keep you informed that three of the types are highly comfortable!


If you are buying any leather furniture then chances are there that it will feature cushion. In respect to cushion, it is better for you to go for either feathers or foam or polyester. What are the reasons for this recommendation? 

Firstly, feather cushion offer you the gentlest feeling ever although it comes for comparatively cheap price. But, you must keep in mind that feathers should not encounter any liquid as these don’t dry up completely.

Then, there is foam that is considered the most costly cushion filling. You can have foam cushion in three formats- high density, low density, and memory.

Among the three, high density one is excellent as couch cushion while the low-density one is softer but degrades comparatively fast. At last, memory foam offers you such an essence that is good for your health. 

In addition, polyester is a highly prevalent cushion. It is a non-expensive cushion type but becomes flattened comparatively fast. But, don’t worry as you can still have ‘faux-down polyester’ that goes for longer period.


It doesn’t matter how much quality type of leather and cushion you have bought if the stitch quality is poor. When you buy leather furniture with low-quality stitch, chances are there that the stitch will soon tear. 

Eventually, the torn part will allow the harmful elements set up a permanent house under leather. Even, liquid may far easily sneak into your furniture. 

These all together will cause greater harm to your leather furniture.

Final words 

In the end, we believe that you will definitely remember each of the criteria of what to look before buying leather furniture. You may ignore as well! In that case, you may be fooled by the silver-tongued sellers and ultimately create a tragedy for own.