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June 29, 2020

Everything in the world has an expiry date. Similarly, a 3m Kn95 mask, which you may sanitize for reuse but it doesn’t mean that you can keep sanitizing the mask for a lifetime use.

To be straightforward, there is a certain time when you are to replace the mask with a fresh one. And, here arises the complexity as a lion’s share of the users isn’t sure of that replacement time. This is why today this write-up gives you a number of 3m Kn95 mask criteria. 

Making a comparison between your mask condition and these criteria you can decide whether the time of replacement has come or not.   

When to Replace 3m Kn95 Mask

When it becomes dirty

When you feel like your mask has got a layer of dirt all over the outer portion, it is actually a sign of replacement. What if you wash the mask using soap and water solution? You may try out the cleaning process but remember that it will destroy the filter medium material of the mask. Eventually, your Kn95 mask will lose its effectiveness. 

Facing complexity while inhaling or exhaling

Do you know that a Kn95 mask is more compatible than an n95 mask as far the matter of inhaling or exhaling is concerned? That’s to say when you wear a Kn95 mask, you can exhale and inhale far easily. 

But, at a certain point of the use, you will start noticing that your exhalation and inhalation have become comparatively difficult. This means that the filter of the mask has been clogged. And so there is very little space for your exhalation and inhalation.   

Does the mask leak?

Nothing in the world is an unmixed blessing. In the same way, a Kn95 mask obviously has very little shortcomings. And, one of the defaults is its - leaking that is less than 1% and it’s all okay stated by the health experts. 

But, at a certain point of your use, the leakage problem might increase. At such a point of time, you are left with no other alternative to replacing the mask. 

Has the mask lost its tightness?

A Kn95 mask features a pair of ear loops for hooking to your ears. The tighter the loops are, the tougher fit you get. The tougher the fit, the less the possibility of germs and dirt get to be in touch with your nose. 

That’s to say tightness is a vital thing about which you must be concerned about. When you feel like the loops have become too much elastic and there remains a slight gap between your face skin and mask, this is the time to replace the mask.

Final words

In the end, we strongly recommend you to be highly conscious of what you wear, whether it’s a real 3m Kn95 mask or not. And, if it’s, then be sure of its expiry criteria. Otherwise, your attempt of staying safe and maintaining safety for your family and friends will lose the meaning.