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August 20, 2021

Which is better Ledger Nano X or Ledger Nano S has been the talk of the hardware wallet users for years. This is why a few weeks back we took an initiative to present the two together for your better understanding.

We did a lot of online research and talked with the pro users to pull out the real portrayal of the two. Putting the info together, today we present you this write up to help you overcome the ever confusion of Nano X or Ledger Nano S. 

Which Is Better Ledger Nano X or Ledger Nano S?

We won’t be giving our direct opinion regarding which one is really better because it’s a subjective matter and we don’t want to hurt anyone’s ego. Instead, what we will be doing is present the authentic features of the two and leave the decision to you. Here we go!   

Ledger Nano X Wallet


To offer you the best level of security Ledger Nano x lacks no feature at all thus is CC EAL5+ certified. 

To give you a complete peace of mind, the wallet has been mechanized especially to be easily combined with the Ledger Live App. 

Observing the app regularly, you can identify easily and quickly if anything suspicious is taking place behind. 


The affiliation of the offline wallet with the Live App besides ensuring you further security makes your overall user experience more interesting and tireless. 

Whenever and wherever needed, you can buy, sell, send/receive and swap your crypto currencies instantly. 

This is how the wallet helps you grow your assets without lifting a finger all on one secure platform. 


The manufacturer of the Ledger Nano x being aware of the increasing importance of crypto currencies has enriched the wallet with a huge space. 

You can manage 22 coins using one single application; install a maximum of 100 apps and over 1800 unique tokens at a time.

Do you need to manage more?  You can easily do that by using an external wallet!   


Get your Ledger Nano X connected to your 64-bits desktop computers including Linux, macOS 10.10+, Windows 8+ through Bluetooth.  

Are you not around the computer or is the computer inaccessible? In that case you can set the connection with your smartphone if its operating system is Android 7+ or iOS 9+. 

Apart from Bluetooth you can connect the wallet and your computer or phone using the supplied USB cable.


Besides offering you maximum security from inside the wallet  is super rough-and-tough from outside as well. Brushed stainless steel and premium plastic being the manufacturing material, it can easily digest accidental hits and falls.

Again, its source of power being a lithium-ion battery runs long after a single recharge and guarantees you a long-lasting service. 


Never have you been a user of any kind of digital wallet? Don’t worry you can still be a pro user of the Ledger Nano X within an hour. 

With a single screen, two buttons and detailed instructions on screen, the device is simply a child plaything.  


To offer you the best ever user experience, the wallet is equally furnished from every perspective. This is why you will find its dimensions to be 72mm*18.6mm*11.75mm and weight to be 34g only.

Both dimensions and weight enable you to carry the wallet with you to any distance tirelessly. 

Ledger Nano S Wallet


Essentially produced based on a dual chip architecture that is used by the passport and credit card authority, the wallet features the cryptographic attestation that guarantees the maximum firmware integrity. 

In addition, the wallet being powered by an exclusive proprietary operating system named BOLOS, especially developed by Ledger for its users only, creates an individual safeguard around all apps on your device to ensure protection against the unlawful hackers.


Although the wallet is purely hostile to the application attackers yet it is a fast friend for you. It allows you easy access to your account at anytime and anywhere through Ledger Live App.  

Upon accessing your account, you can do a lot apart from just checking the balance. You can buy, sell, swap, and receive/send your currencies following a few simple steps.


First of all, in the wallet you can store more than 25 types of crypto currencies including Bitcoin, Bitcoin cash, Ethereum , EOS, XRP and Stellar. 

Secondly, the wallet allows you to install 3 apps on it at a time. If any issue of application size arises, you can uninstall and install any app securely. 

Upon your uninstalling of an app, the device keeps its access keys stored on it. That’s to say if you reinstall that app, you can get access to it as ever. 


Unlike Ledger Nano X, the Ledger Nano S series doesn’t feature Bluetooth connectivity. But, you can still get the wallet connected to your 64-bits desktop computers including Linux, macOS 10.10+, Windows 8+ and Android 7+ smartphone using the supplied USB cable. 


Just like the Nano X series, the body of the Ledger Nano S series is also manufactured with brushed stainless steel and premium plastic. 

The combination gives the device the robustness of an elephant that none can tamper. So, no need to use an anti-tampering sticker to safeguard your digital wallet. 


Just like the Nano X, Nano S also features the least number of additions yet with detailed instructions. Therefore, you can be a master of it within an hour, we guess. 


To make the device simply perfect to be usable on the go, it has been kept maximum compact. Its overall dimensions are not more than 56.95mm*17.4mm*9.1mm. Moreover, the weight is only 16.2g.

So, wherever you go, you can have it with you inside your tiny pocket or anywhere you prefer. 

Final words

In the end, it won’t be wrong in saying that both offline wallets are equally resourceful with tons of advanced and user-friendly features. Therefore, it won’t be easy and correct for us to make the judgment of superiority and thus we believe this healthy argument will always be on.


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