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CAYDO - 59 Pieces Leather Craft Hand Tools Kit for Hand Sewing Stitching, Stamping Set and Saddle Making Including Instructions

  • Practical and Abundant Tools Kit: 59 Pcs leather craft hand tools kit with a Instructions, you can sew different leather, fabric, denim, canvas or tarpaulin
  • Make Your Own Unique Design and Pattern: 20 Pcs stamping punch tools, make your own unique design and pattern on wallets, handbags, belt etc
  • 1 Set 4 Pcs Prong Punch: Made of White stainless steel, durable and useful, can punch and neat holes in leather straightly
  • 7 in 1 Adjustable Stitching Groover: work as a stitching groover, edge creaser, bevel leather edges, rough edges trimmer and stitching-hole spacer
  • More Application: Suitable for proficient or novice, great for sewing leather, canvas or other projects

Caydo 59 Pcs leather craft hand tools kit is abundant. 


3 Pcs wood slicker burnishes and 5 Pcs grinding polish files, make leather side smooth, no burrs. 
Including scissors and tape, more convenient to use
The tools are in a tool box, more tidy

Package includes 

20 × Stamping Punch Tools: Make your own unique design and pattern 
7 × Adjustable Stitching Groover: including 1 Pcs original edge beveler and 6 Pcs scribing heads 
7 × Repair Sewing Needles: 
1 Pcs curved mattress needle for sewing upholstery and mattress 
1 Pcs glover's needle for sewing leather and furs 
1 Pcs carpet needle for sewing and heavy cloth 
1 Pcs sail needle for sewing canvas and blinds 
1 Pcs straight upholstery needle 
1 Pcs sack needle
1 Pcs curved mattress needle 
4 × Prong Punch: 4mm Prong width 1/ 2/ 4/ 6 prong for choosing 
4 × Sewing Awl : including 1Pcs copper taper-shank,2 Pcs straight needles and 1 Pcs hook needles, sewing or repairing heavy fabric 
3 × Leather Edge Wood Slicker Burnishes: Including round, flat and cake, make leather side smooth 
5 × Leather Edge Grinding Polish Files: make leather side smoother, no burrs 
3 × Flat Wax Ropes: 150D size, 40m length, Including ecru, black and coffee 
1 × Black Pressure Cloth Tooth Tool Distance of 4 mm: Make dotted marking on most fabric 
1 × Log Pressure Cloth Tooth Tool Distance of 2 mm: Make dotted marking on most fabric 
1 × Solid Wood Awl: Use in sewing and leather craft for pinpointing, hole-punching or stitch removing 
1 × Thimble: Put on finger, suits for using as shield protectors for pin needles 
1 × Soft Tape
1 × Scissors 
1 × Instructions 

Note: please be careful to use and not for children