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Brown Leather Repair Kits for Couches - Leather Color Restorer for Furniture, Car Seats, Furniture - Leather Recoloring Balm Leather Repair Cream Leather Repair for Upholstery

  • LEATHER REPAIR KITS FOR COUCHES - Use our leather color restorer for furniture to rescue your vinyl and leather items from their worn-out condition. This light brown conditioning agent works best in refurbishing arm rests and leather upholstery to protect them from recoloring, deformity, and unappealing scratches.
  • LEATHER REPAIR KIT FOR CAR SEATS - Our light brown leather refurbishing agent can be used on your boat and car seats to give them UV protection. You can also use our cream leather repair on your couch as leather filler to shield them from direct sun exposure while bringing out their natural shine and luster.
  • VINYL REPAIR KIT - FORTIVO leather refurbishing balm are not just meant for leather items. Our light brown leather repair cream does a fine job in safeguarding and restoring your vinyl items. You can now have cleaner and blemish-free leather car seats, boots and furniture without worrying about the leather patches for couch and scratches they might accumulate.
  • BEST BROWN LEATHER DYE - Preserve the color of your leather furniture and items with our light brown leather balm. Make sure to include our light brown dye cream in your furniture repair kit. The best leather repair kit should have a leather dye for furniture for leather scratch repair & maintain your leather items' pristine condition, supple texture, and stain-free surface.
  • LIGHT BROWN LEATHER REPAIR KIT - Our leather refurbishing cleaner can be used on a variety of leather and vinyl items . Aside from your couch and upholstery, our light brown leather restorer balm works best in protecting vinyl repair kit for boat seats, leather jacket, boots, purses, and belts. This leather restorer for couches works way better than brown leather tape for couch and also works on vinyl

Customer Reviews

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20 year old couch is NEW again!

This is a miracle product. When we really like a product we often say it deserves 10 stars. This produce deserves 100 stars. My old, mold staled couch is absolutely new again.

I could not decide between medium brown or dark brown. Turns out, just order the color you closest to what you want your couch to be and it will be that color.

I ordered 2 jars that came quickly but one small jar did may entire couch. If you have tough sport, just wait 30 minutes and apply a second coat. I had spots that needed a third coat - still had plenty. Leather is absolutely perfect in all spots now.

Easy to use. Gloves come enclosed and also a little brush. Dries solidly and quickly, no staining if you sit down. I don't just want to recommend this company, I want to own this company.

I shop on Amazon almost every day. This is the best product results I have ever seen in the history of buying products