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TMpatchupLLC Genuine Self-Adhesive Leather & Vinyl Repair Patch, Size 8 x 11 inches

Dark Brown
Black Brown
Dark Grey
Medium Beige
Blue Cobalt
Tan Peanut
  • Multi-purpose : work on leather, vinyl . perfect leather repair patch for furnitures, sofas,couch,car seats,handbags,jackets,upholstery fabrics,car interior, and other leather/vinyl material
  • Self-adhesive : we use the high qualify technic. super glue , durable and so strong, best glue for leather repair
  • Leather material : genuine leather , high qualify , soft and flexible. . Simple to use : cut - peel - stick. repair patch for the car seats, leather patches for furniture repair
  • Large leather patch size  . It's so easy to fix your big problems . and many standard colors matching your stuffs easily , where to buy leather repair patch for couch, sofa , furniture, car seat. leather couch patch ,
  • Simple , affordable , eco-friendly , effective .
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEE- if you’re not satisfied , your purchase will be full refunded for any time
  • Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    It works!

    I’m so impressed with this! My couch had a two tears in it that kept getting bigger and bigger. I tried black duct tape and that was a huge mistake since it was in such a high-traffic, heavily-used area.

    Some tips for applying:

    1) Clean area well to remove any residue, dust, or debris. Use a paper towel (not cloth because it’s too linty) and isopropyl

    2) Without removing the back adhesive film yet, place the patch in the desired area. Once you like the location, use a pen to verrrrrry lightly mark the four corners so that you have guides to follow.

    3) Once you’re ready, only remove half of the adhesive backing and fold the film over so only half of the sticky side is exposed. Then slowly adhere one side and smooth it out. After do the second part. It’s a huge piece so it’s easy to accidentally touch or stick on an area by mistake.

    4) For a better bond, use a hairdryer to heat up the patch and press down/smooth out.

    I’ve had this for a week now and it’s such a great solution! Now I don’t need a new couch!

    Great buy!

    I had a tear in my leather car seat and these worked extremely well, I would definitely buy again...quality leather!1

    Effortless Application

    The patch is great however the dark brown option is not dark enough for my leather couch. Please make a darker option for like espresso dark brown couches.

    Great for patching several smaller tears

    Definitely an improvement over the white fabric that had been showing under tears and missing pieces. Easy to cut. Perfect match for our older sectional and (so far) has not started to peel off. Do make sure to round off the corners you cut so it is less likely to peel!