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FURNITURE CLINIC – Renew and Restore Color to Faded and Scratched Leather | 15 Colors Available - 8.5 Fl. Oz. (250ml)

dark brown
dark grey
light grey
medium brown
pine green
  • RENEWS & RESTORES COLOR TO LEATHER: Furniture Clinic’s leather recoloring balm is ideal for restoring color to faded and scratched leather. It’s easy to apply and gets spectacular results when applied correctly. In fact, if you’re not happy with the results or find it too difficult to get the results you wanted, we’ll refund your money, no questions asked.
  • EASILY MATCH YOUR LEATHER COLOR: With 21 Color choices, we make it easy to select the appropriate color for your leather item. The 21 color options can be used for even more shades of colors. We can’t tell you exactly what color you should select (due to differences in monitor colors, image lighting, etc.) but if for some reason you choose incorrectly, simply order a more appropriate color and we’ll refund your first purchase
  • HAPPINESS GUARANTEED: We understand that restoring leather can be a daunting task, but don’t be afraid. Our experts are here if you have questions before purchasing and if after purchasing you’re not satisfied with the results (we expect you will be), we offer a money back guarantee. We know our product works wonderfully when used correctly.
  • USE ON COUCHES, CARS & CLOTHING: The leather recoloring balm is a versatile product that can be used on all kinds of leather pieces. From scratched car seats to faded purses, the balm has many use cases. Our customers use the product to restore color to their faded sofas, to fix small cat scratches, to liven up their antique car seats and to cover minor peeling on their leather jackets!
  • FOR ABSORBENT LEATHER ONLY: With this product we recommend you test the ability of your furniture to absorb liquid prior to purchasing. To complete this test, apply a small drop of water onto an intact section of your leather, and see if the water soaks in. If you have more questions about this water test, please watch the video to the left (if on a mobile screen scroll up to the image section)






Versatility is a key element of all of our products at Furniture Clinic, and our Leather Re-Coloring Balm is no different. Here are just a few of this product’s many advantages:

  • 21 Colors Available for Selection
  • Safe-To-Use Product that Absorbs Completely Into Leather; Preventing Stains on Clothing
  • Works on All Types of Leather, Including: Furniture, Car Interiors and Clothing
  • Only One Application Necessary: Results for Up To Three Years



Clean the leather first before applying the Balm, for best results use Leather Ultra Clean - This is because Ultra Clean deep cleans the leather to remove all dirt, but also opens up the pores of the leather so the Re-Coloring Balm will take to the leather in a better fashion.

Rub the Balm into the leather in a circular motion to ensure penetration. This is enough to completely restore the color. Take a clean cloth and then buff the surface of the leather. Make sure there is no excess Balm left on the leather.

After buffing, the leather becomes 100% colorfast. For thorough protection and longevity of your leather, we recommend applying the Leather Protection Cream, this will help to reduce future fading.


These photos were sent into us from a customer in the United States. He has used one application of balm on the chair and as you can see, it has totally transformed it! The balm has re-instated the color into the drastically faded 'white' areas of the armchair making it look almost new again! The color used was Tan. The head area has absorbed grease; this could have been removed first using the Leather Degreaser.

Wear and tear on the driver's side bolster has caused the colour to wear off exposing the raw leather beneath. The Re-Colouring Balm in Navy Blue is applied and the damage is hardly visible!

The arm of this leather chair has been scratched by cats and has suffered general wear & tear. The colour beneath is the natural leather colour exposed and the damage has been rectified using the Leather Re-Colouring balm in Maroon. Maroon was used because on a whole the leather is darker than the standard red, although the photo doesn't show it.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Leah Brigoli
Really works

I love it... I followed the instructions and even after the buffs it looks good already. I am just waiting for the leather conditioner and it will be complete.

Cat Scratches Hidden!!

I had two long couches and an ottoman that were heavily scratched by my cat. I am talking scratches everywhere, tiny claw tears and little claw pecks/pokes all over. My sofas are leather in some areas and pleather in others. I failed to take a before picture and I’m sorry about that. I started the project by sanding down all the little marks with a nail file. That removed all the loose leather/pleather marks. I then cleaned the sofas and ottoman with warm sudsy water and rinsed well. I then applied this product with a applicator pad recommended by Amazon called Lexol premium applicator sponges. I pushed the product into any deep grooves that were there and applied it quickly and evenly. After it dried I buffed it out and did the deep areas a second time. I buffed it out with the second applicator sponge that came in the package I purchased from Amazon. I used the other side of the second applicator sponge to apply the leather conditioner. Then I buffed it again really well and finished it with a Leather conditioner recommended by Amazon that’s called leather honey. This product worked spectacularly on both the leather and the fake leather. It took very little time and I am supremely happy with the results. I also recommend the leather honey because the recoloring bomb did leave the sofa is a little dry. The leather honey is thick and shiny but after it dries it leaves both the leather and the fake leather really soft and protected.

Casey B
Restored heavily faded leather furniture! (Update 3 years later)

I came back for more 3 years later. My loveseat was looking cracked and faded again after 3 years. (It’s 13 years old and sits in a room with a big picture window.) The product worked just as well as it did in 2016. I noticed that some buyers have reported issues with color transfer. I followed the directions on the container and never had that problem. It’s important that you wait 5 minutes and then buff your furniture with a clean dry cloth. I also used this to restore some leather bar stools that were looking a little faded. Our dog scratched our leather sectional, and this balm took care of the scratch, too. I only used 1/2 a container to do a love seat, 4 bar stools and a few scratches on our sectional. I’ve added more pictures.

This product is amazing!! I've tried different leather cleaners and conditioners to try to restore my faded and cracked leather loveseat chair, but nothing worked. I was ready to just donate them to charity, but decided to try one last attempt to fix them up. I'm so glad I found this re-coloring balm!