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Leather Repair Doctor Complete DIY Kit | Premixed Glue & Paint ALL-IN-ONE Professional Restoration Solution | Match ANY Color, No-Heat | Sofa, Couch Chairs, Car Seats, Jacket, Boots, Belts, Purses

  • ALL-IN-ONE - high-quality paint and premium bonding adhesive already pre-mixed, giving you TWICE as much solution in each of the 7 color jars.
  • PROFESSIONAL REPAIR COMPOUND - touch-up, repair or recolor any leather or vinyl surface: furniture, chair, couch, car seats, belts, boots, jacket, purse.
  • NO HEAT REQUIRED - this fast drying, non-toxic and water based solution instantly bonds and turns into durable leather, making your repair long-lasting.
  • FULL VIDEO DEMO and step-by-step instructions for any kind of leather repair. (Repair specialist available to answer any questions and provide assistance)
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE - LIFETIME WARRANTY if you’re not satisfied for any reason, you can return your purchase ANY TIME for a full refund.

Make Your Damaged Leather Look Like New Again! 

Don’t settle for a less superior alternative with basic cheap glue.

Our revolutionary ALL-in-ONE product contains BOTH high-quality leather dye and premium bonding adhesive already pre-mixed in EACH of the 7 color jars. NO MIXING REQUIRED. 

- Easily touch-up any leather or vinyl surface 

- Quickly repair rips, cuts, tears, burns and holes (Full Video Demo on our website) 

- Fast drying, non-toxic, water based solution with NO smell 

- Instantly bonds and turns into durable liquid leather 

Developed by a team of engineers and scientists, this is the next generation in leather repair and is the most effective solution on the market today. 

The synergistic blend of premium NON-TOXIC components makes this durable adhesive tough as nails, yet flexible and elastic. It's able to withstand extreme cold and hot conditions without cracking or tearing. Keeping your leather looking like new. 

Use with furniture, car seats, jackets, shoes, boots, clothing, chairs, luggage, purses, and anything made with leather or vinyl. 


How long does a repair take? 

Light scratches can be repaired in 30 minutes or less using one layer of the adhesive. For deep cuts or holes, more layers will be required, and can take a few hours to dry. 

How to match the color? 

Using the 7 colors and the color match guide included in your kit, you can create any color shade you want. 

Can you remove the adhesive if you put too much? 

Yes. You can easily remove it before and after it dries. 

Lifetime Warranty with 100% Satisfaction Guarantee! 

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Customer Reviews

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Way Better Than Expected!!!

Great product. I made "brown" to match my couch. The included directions where clear. The "brown" dried darker than I expected, but a little alcohol wipe before it was dry and I had a clean slate. I re-made "brown" with more orange and added layers in the scratch with the tip if a tooth pick. This way it dried fast and by the end of an hour my kids could not tell where the scratch was. (If you look for it you can see it, but if standing and three feet away I cannot see it.) I used the filler in two thin layers to fill a torn corner on my chair and the kit did a good job. I worked this one slow over a couple of days. Being a corner it not perfect but now I can walk by not see it. And as the chair is black, no one has noticed that I "fixed" it... Next I'll try the rip in side of my vinyl car seat. Great product and JAM-Products are awesome.