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Leather Repair Kits for Couches Brown- Vinyl Repair Kit, Leather Repair Kit, Furniture Repair Kit - Leather Scratch Repair for Refurbishing for Upholstery, Couch, Boat, Car Seats - Leather Dye Brown

  • LEATHER REPAIR KIT FOR CAR SEATS - Our vinyl upholstery repair kit is perfect for quick and easy refurbishing jobs to bring your tattered, torn, cracked, and peeling leather and vinyl couches, sofa, and car seats back to their pristine condition. Get professional quality restoration with our vinyl repair kit's superb formula without spending bucks on crazy expensive repair shops.
  • LEATHER RESTORER FOR COUCHES BROWN - Our carefully blended leather repair kits for couches are perfect for mending all kinds of leather and vinyl products--even faux and synthetic ones! Try applying our brown leather repair cream on your armrest, boat seats for long-lasting solution instead of using a brown leather repair tape.
  • BROWN LEATHER DYE - Want to reclaim your leather couches and seats' old dark brown color while removing unsightly scratches, holes, and patches of cigarette burns? Look no further. Our leather couch repair kit (mix dark brown, walnut, tan or any shade of brown) is the best scratch filler and cleaner with the easiest steps to follow. Our dark brown leather dye can be easily mixed for all kinds of shades and hues.
  • BROWN LEATHER REPAIR KITS FOR COUCHES - Instead of using brown leather patch on your purse, why not go for an easy-to-apply cream leather restorer for couches? You can finally conceal stubborn spots and hideous marks in your leather seats and vinyl couches before the guests arrive. Just make sure your furniture repair kit is full is ready and fully stocked!
  • CREAM LEATHER REPAIR - Our brown leather filler is much easier to work with and does not require a big learning curve. Get professional results and the best brown shade in an instant for all kinds of leather restorer jobs. This leather refurbishing cleaner can also be used for belts, purses, handbags, shoes,steering wheels, cars and boat seat.

Customer Reviews

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5 stars Simple enough

I recognize when we purchased this couch it wasn’t going to last forever and that synthetic leather would eventually start to peel over time and exposure it’s just bound to happen with that leather. And yes this couch sure sees a lot of exposure. So when I saw my darling little children (who I love) picking at my couch creating this huge ugly gray patch I sure was seeing red. I was ready to throw my couch to the curb, not really an option at this point. I still want to get a couple more years out of it!So after i banished my children from my sight and I searched the world of you tube of what people did in this situation. I was ready to tackle this and at least give it a go. So I purchased this product off of amazon, but I also bought some matte adhesive spray and some super fine grit sandpaper. I actually made the ugly patch a little bigger, picking away at the pieces that were sticking up, once that was removed I lightly sprayed the adhesive on the patch making sure to use my fingers pressing into the edges. Let that completely dry. Next comes the kit. It comes with a white putty or compound i applied thin layers and use the flat edge of a business card to smooth it out going over the exposed area, let it completely dry, sand and repeat. I probably did this four or five times. Just be patient! I did this Until i felt the edges were filled in and looked even. Once I had a smooth dry surface I added a mix of colors until I felt I had an adequate match. The kit comes with a brush, but since I had a fairly large spot, I felt using a slightly damp rag worked best. I just did a tapping motion, pressing the color into the spot. I did a couple layers until i had good coverage! Super impressed and grateful to hopefully get a few more years out of this couch. Totally worth the 20 dollars! I recognize this is temporary and this will not last forever. It’s been on for the last three months but seems to be doing well. No one has ever noticed it, it’s not perfect but I was impressed!

Husband's badly worn recliner saved

Husband didn't care for leather recliner and both cracking and rubbing off of color happened over time. Decided to try this brown repair kit and am happy with results. As other reviewers have mentioned customer support is super! I would agree that it is really important to get your color match correct. The product does tend to dry darker. Applying my mixture using a cotton ball slightly dampened with alcohol worked best for me. This is especially true when covering an area that has no cracks but has faded or rubbed off color. Unfortunately, I took the before and after pics in different light. The after pics are the more accurate color. The pics are in this order: the recliner, headrest before, headrest after, right arm elbow before, right arm elbow after, left arm elbow before, left arm elbow after. I did spot repairs feathering the edges not an overall application and the kit was sufficient to cover the areas described as well as left and right hand rest areas with some product leftover.

Couch is like new!

So, this couch is only about 4 years old and still under warranty. I had this area professionally repaired a few months ago, and the finish started flaking more than ever! While the repair was free, it is a pain in the rear, so I tried this product! It worked awesome, looks like new! The brush that comes with the kit left brush marks, so I used an old soft artistry brush to apply. I also used a makeup sponge to blend at the edges and to fill in the smaller worn areas. Took three thin coats, drying in between to get it just right. When mixing, shiit for a slightly lighter shade, as it darkens as it dried. Time will tell if it holds up, but at least I have extra product left over if I need to reapply!

Well, two weeks later, and the repair is still looking good! I am very happy with this product!