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TMpatchupLLC Genuine Self-Adhesive Instant Leather & Vinyl Repair Patch, Size 4 x 8 inches

Dark Brown
Black Brown
Dark Grey
Medium Beige
Blue Cobalt
Tan Peanut
  • Multi-purpose : work on leather, vinyl . perfect leather repair patch for furnitures, sofas,couch,car seats,handbags,jackets,upholstery fabrics,car interior, and other leather/vinyl material
  • Self-adhesive : we use the high qualify technic. super glue , durable and so strong, best glue for leather repair
  • Leather material : genuine leather , high qualify , soft and flexible. . Simple to use : cut - peel - stick. repair patch for the car seats, leather patches for furniture repair
  • Large leather patch size  . It's so easy to fix your big problems . and many standard colors matching your stuffs easily , where to buy leather repair patch for couch, sofa , furniture, car seat. leather couch patch ,
  • Simple , affordable , eco-friendly , effective .SATISFACTION GUARANTEE- if you’re not satisfied , your purchase will be full refunded for any time
  • Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    Kindle Customer
    Great solution to a nasty looking problem and a big money saver! Update

    The head rest area of a theater chair just kind of peeled away! My husbands' short hair style must have rubbed it the wrong way. This patch - I got new black - is almost an exact match for the color of the espresso chair leather, but with a smoother texture. The texture difference is not a deterrent since the patch was able to be placed center and square on the chair. I did as other reviews suggested and cleaned the area with alcohol first, let dry, then burnished the surface as I applied the patch making sure to keep it flat and straight. I recommend two people to handle it - one to hold the adhesive area away from the surface as you apply it from the other end because the adhesive is truly that good! You won't move it once it's in place! I loved it so much I got another piece for when the other chair needs a face lift! UPDATE - I plan to order a couple more pieces since this color matches my chairs so well. A couple months later, and I still love this fix! I was worried about the edges lifting or pulling on my hair - no problems at all! Still in place with the edges firmly adhered to the chair, they look great and I will use a couple more to cover some new scratches on the footrests from the cats' nails.

    Great repair patch - it works - super sticky!

    I was so excited to try this patch that I forgot to take a before picture. The entire middle section of the foot rest on our sofa recliner had cracks in it. I had tried another vinyl repair kit where you mix the liquid paint-like colors and paint on with some success at first but even that ended up cracking. I used an entire sheet of this patch product to cover as much of the area as possible so as to not have seams. It is SUPER sticky - had to pull up a few times before I got it centered properly and it was hard to pull up so be sure you place it where you want it. Could have been better but I trimmed a bit off the edge and didn't cut it quite straight. Overall, I am 100% pleased with results. I'll update in a few months as to how it is lasting and if any edges are coming up.

    Fits perfect

    The color was perfect.. You can barely notice the patch .. The size was perfect.. you can cut and fit accordingly... great buy..

    Quick and easy. Not too noticeable.

    Easy to apply, and looks pretty good. Still looks repaired, but not shabby. Close color match- I used Dark Brown No. 5 on an espresso ottoman. The patch has a slightly redder tone. It’s been there for a few weeks, with people resting feet on it, and it’s holding up just fine.

    Seriously love this!

    I totally lucked out as the color was a match on the first order. I liked the larger size. It does NOT look like tape like some others on the market. I unzipped the cover and added additional stuffing to the arm prior to adding the patch. I also pulled the area that was peeling so they would not be any long loose pieces underneath the patch once it was attached. I colored the edge of the patch (before I remove the backing) with a dark marker to cover the white cut edging. I think that helps make it look less obvious once applied. My only complaint is that it isn’t the same texture as my sofa, but then I knew it wouldn’t be. Overall I love the product. I will order again because we have 2 identical brown “leather” Ashley sofas and both have this issue. If there was a longer size available, I would buy enough to cover the remaining arms on my sofas and apply before they start peeling.