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  • Multi-purpose : work on leather, vinyl . perfect leather repair patch for furnitures, sofas,couch,car seats,handbags,jackets,upholstery fabrics,car interior, and other leather/vinyl material
  • Self-adhesive : we use the high qualify technic. super glue , durable and so strong, best glue for leather repair
  • Leather material : genuine leather , high qualify , soft and flexible. . Simple to use : cut - peel - stick. repair patch for the car seats, leather patches for furniture repair
  • Large leather patch size  . TMpatchup so easy to fix your big problems . and many standard colors matching your stuffs easily , where to buy leather repair patch for couch, sofa , furniture, car seat. leather couch patch ,
  • Simple , affordable , eco-friendly , effective .SATISFACTION GUARANTEE- if you’re not satisfied , your purchase will be full refunded for any time
The TM Patch Up brand has been making a splash on the self-repair textile circuit with its innovative leather repair patch, a piece of soft, plain leather material available in a variety of colors perfect for repairing everything from huge rips to unsightly spots.The leather repair patch can be used for car seats, sofas, jackets, handbags and a myriad of other purposes, and the product is simple to use, enabling an easy cut-peel-stick preparation method even novices can take advantage of.
TM Patch Up’s leather repair patch can be used in any situation requiring a renewal of aging leather or vinyl surfaces, including damaged surfaces found in automobiles, aircraft or marine-craft, as well as on any furniture such as sofas, chairs and more – all of which are brought back to near-new perfection in minutes.

Additionally, TM Patch Up carries most standard colors to match nearly all surfaces, and the repair patch can also be used to quickly mend leather apparel such as shoes, bags, purses and more.Designed to provide long-lasting repair results, this eco-friendly patch kit works easily without the need to heat or iron.

“Leather and vinyl are exceptionally susceptible to wear, resulting in fraying, holes and tears,” explains a TM Patch Upsenior company spokesperson. “Our product easily repairs leather surfaces in minutes, given its hassle-free repair patch formula – all users have to do is clean the damaged surface, cut the desired shape, peel and stick. Our peel-and-stick patches are composed of durable synthetic leather, with highly-adhesive compounds; once applied the ultra-adhesive is resistant to extreme cold and heat. What’s more, the thin design protects the patch from fraying or peeling, and appears seamless.”

“The TM Patch Up leather repair patch is the definitive answer for fixing anything boasting valued cowhide surfaces.”

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Henry Weiss
Terrific Repair Kit

We have maroon/burgundy faux leather sofa that developed a few small tears where the fabric creases. I was able to patch those spots, there was a great color match, and we probably stopped the spread of the tear. Thanks for an affordable and good solution to our problem.

Retired Old Fart
great to cover wear on chair arms

Easy to use and set up. And it worked blended with color hardly noticeable

Used it to fix a pair of sandals

A pair of Birkenstock like sandals was tearing between the toes, so I bought this patch kit and it worked! The sandals weren't worn out, so this saved me from having to throw them away and buy a new pair. Awesome!

Bryan A.
Excellent Product - Great Service

The first one came and the color was too light. I reached out to the company. Mike immediately responded and offered to send me a darker selection. It's almost a perfect match. I'm very satisfied with the product and I'm especially impressed with the customer service. Thanks to TMgroup and Mike.

Still holding strong

I used this to patch a slight tear on a futon at a vacation rental 7 months ago and it is still holding strong. I didn't have really high expectations for this, but it's holding up quite well. The edges aren't peeling up and I see no reason it won't last a long time. I was just trying to buy some time before replacing, but at this rate, I'll get a lot more life out of the futon.

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