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CAYDO - 99 Pieces Leather Craft Tools Kit Including Leather Sewing Tools, Punch Tools, Leather Rivets Tools, Stamping Set, Wooden Handle Nylon Hammer for Leather Craft and Saddle Making

  • Complete basic tools: Adjustable stitching groover, prong punch, hammer, leather sewing tools, hollow punch are improved for leather craft
  • Practical and useful tools: Half-round cutter punch, leather rivets and snap fasteners tools are great for belt and leather handbag making
  • Tools that make leather crafts artistic: Swivel knife make you create pattern that you like. And Stamping Punch Tools make your pattern alive
  • A tools box and manual: A tools box case is convenient for going anyplace with leather craft tools. The manual make you control how to use various tools in short time
  • Valuable set: 99 pieces leather craft tools hold punching, sewing, carving, decorating gluing, edging grinding colouration and other functions for leather craft

Caydo 99 pieces leather craft tools are only for you to make excellent leather crafts

The leather craft kit are complete function for leather crafts making 
The cutting mat can protect your leather craft tools to use for long time
The practical and abundant tools are contribute to your creation of leather craft

Please be careful to use and keep the sharp tools away from children. 

Package Includes: 
1 x Cutting Mat(30cm*22cm): Use the mat on the table to protect the desktop from damage and protect the tool 
20 x Stamping Punch Tools: Make your own unique design and pattern 
1 x Swivel Knife 
4 x Prong Punch: 4mm Prong width 1/2/4/6 prong for choosing
5 x Half-round Cutter Punch 
1 x Wooden Handle Nylon Hammer
7 x Leather rivets and snap fasteners tools with 20 sets snap fasteners and 20 sets rivets 
7 x Adjustable Stitching Groover: Including 1pcs original edge beveler and 6pcs scribing heads 
7 x Repair Sewing Needles: 
4 x Sewing Awl: Including 1pcs copper taper-shank, 2pcs straight needles and 1pcs hook needles, sewing or repairing heavy fabric
3 x Leather Edge Wood Slicker Burnishes: Including round, flat and cake, make leather side smooth  
5 x Leather Edge Grinding Polish Files: Make leather side smoother, no burrs 
4 x Flat Wax Ropes: 150D size, 40m length 
1 x Black Pressure Cloth Tooth Tool Distance of 4 mm:  
1 x Log Pressure Cloth Tooth Tool Distance of 2 mm:  
1 x Solid Wood Awl: Use in sewing and leather craft for pinpointing, hole-punching or stitch removing 
1 x Thimble:   
1 x Scissors 
2 x Finger Cots(Random color)
1 x 2 Ways Leather Glue Tool 
6 x Straight needle
1 x Hobby Knife 
5 x Hollow Hole Punch
1 x Scraping plate