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Leather Tools SIMPZIA 52 pcs Leather Kit with Stitching Groover, Prong Punch and Leather Working Saddle Making Stamps Tools Set for DIY Leathercraft

Product Description

SIMPZIA 52 Pieces Leather Working Tools


User Tips:

Must be used the veg tanned leather to carve. After wetting the leather, beat the stamping tool with a leather hammer until molding.

20 Stamping Punch Tools:

Don't strike the craft tool stamps with a metal faced hammer, as this will damage tools.

Enhance the beauty of your leather projects with Craft tool stamps.

These may be used to create original designs or for embellishing The beauty of your carved design.

Use a wood or rawhide mallet head to strike the top of the stamp to obtain its impression in the leather.


This Tool Set is an excellent way to get start in leather-craft, it has all you need to make professional leather products at the craft level.

Package Includes:

20 × Stamping Punch Tools

6 × Leather Sewing Needles

1 x Ecru flat wax rope 150D

1x Black flat wax rope 150D

1 x Coffee flat wax rope 150D

1x Light yellow flat wax rope 150D

1 x Leathercraft Overstitch Wheel 4mm

1 x Leather Stitching Spacer 2mm

4 × Sewing Needle ( Including 1 x Copper taper-shank , 2 x Straight needles , 1 x Hook needle)

7 × Adjustable Stitching Groover: including 1 Pcs original edge beveler and 6 Pcs scribing heads

2 x Finger cots

1 x Swivel Knife

1 x Leather polish tool

1 x Sewing Thimble

4 x Prong Punch ( 1 Prong+2 Prong+4 Prong+6 Prong)