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447 Pieces Leather Working Tools and Supplies with Instruction, Leathercraft Tools Kit, Leathercraft Tools Holder, Leather Craft Stamping Tools, Stitching Hole Punch, Leather Working Saddle Making

Product description

Color: 447PCS


Our leather tools is an excellent way to get start in leather-craft, it has all you need to make professional leather products at the craft level.

Package included:

3 x Clips

1 x Brush

1 x Thimble

5 x Nail Files

1 x Beeswax

2 x Scissors

2 x Hammer

1 x Finger Cot

1 x Steel Ruler

1 x Swivel Knife

1 x Copper Awl

1 x Wooden Awl

2 x Punch pad

324 x Rivets Kit

1 x Leather Roller

1 x Scraping Plate

5 x Wool Dauber

2 x Thread Remover

2 x Tanned Leather

1 x Leather Tool Box

1 x Leather Glue Tool

3 x Copper Awl Needle

1 x Adjustable Groover

1 x Wooden Burnisher

1 x Leather Cutting Mat

1 x Leather Tool Holder

20 x Rubber Finger Cot

1 x Stitching Hole Punch

1 x Alphabet Stamping Set

2 x Stitching Wheel (2 sizes)

5 x Waxed Threads (55 yards)

1 x Leather Edge Skiving tool

1 x  Leather Adjustable Edge Creaser

25 x Leather Sewing Needle(4 Type)

20 x Leather Stamping Tool Set(20 Type)

7 x Leather Half-Round Cutter Punch Kit (7 Size)

1 x Skiving Knife with 5 Pcs Replacement Blades

1 x Safety Skiver Kit: Including 1 x Safety Skiver & 3 x Replacement Blades