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KN95 Protective Face Mask 10-Pack ( $2.49/ unit , Free Shipping )

The filter of a Kn95 mask fights back 95% harmful viruses and other germs to ensure your health safety. Ineffectiveness of such a vital part can be highly deadly for you. Therefore, you must be aware of the filter’s effectiveness. The moment, you experience it to be less or no effective, discard the mask at once

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Elenoa Jr

To start off I live in an apartment building with the worlds dirtiest, rudest, and most inconsiderate people. Despit the recent rise in COVID cases in Los Angeles County, majority of the people in my building do not wear masks and touch every communal surface bare handed. Makes me cringe! To top it all off there are currently 6 COVID cases in the building I live in.

Since no one in the states can get the N95 I did some research to find these KN95's are just Chinese equivalent of the N95 mask and the only difference is the KN95 requires an initial face fitting and the US N95 does not - other than this they are completely identical. Now knowing this I ordered these and I have to say despite the reviews of the "holes" which are completely unfounded - because if you actually put them on and they actually had the holes the breathing would be very simple - these on the other hand actually form to your face and make it feel as if you are genuinely breathing thru a filter. The mask fits so well, you can actually see the sides of the mask depress and expand when you inhale and exhale.

I feel so much safer with these over a basic cloth face mask. My intended purpose was to wear these exclusively when I go grocery shopping and run other errands where I know I will be in close proximity to other people but have found myself just wearing it everywhere I go. Happy with this purchase.

alua bootaeva

receive this masks few days ago and was testing it until now . Masks are really comfortable to wear , most important this is - you actually can breathe while wearing a mask ! and mask doesn’t hurt your nose septum or behind the ears , cause at work i always have to wear a mask, for almost 8 hours a day and this fact really made me happy ! definitely will repurchase !

nicole phan
I use it as Front Line worker! Recommend for sure!

I wear it to work in hospital setting. I feel more safe wearing KN95 than regular surgical mask. I tested the mask out myself, it's well made and legit materials. It's seals around my face nicely! The duck mouth shape gives extra spaces to move your lips to talk and feels more breathable. I wore it 12 hours a day, no complaint.