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Dorhui 194 Pieces Leather Working Tools with Instruction,Leather Stamping Tools with Cutting Mat Snaps and Rivets Kit, Stitching Groover, Prong Punch, Leather Saddle Making Tools for DIY Leather Craft

Product Description

Dorhui leather working tools set total including 194 pieces leather tools for you to make excellent leather crafts.This will be a unique and unexpected Christmas gift.

Package Includes:

1 Pcs Cutting Mat

120 Set Snaps and Rivets Kit

5 Pcs Punch and metal base

20 Pcs Stamping Punch and 1Pcs Swivel Knife

4 Pcs Prong Punch

1 Pcs Adjustable Stitching Groover

1 Pcs Nylon Hammer

7 Pcs Repair Sewing Needles

3 Pcs Flat Wax Ropes

3 Pcs Sewing Awl

1 Pcs Leather Edge Beveler

3 Pcs Wood Slicker,5Pcs Grinding Polish Files and 3Pcs Wool Dauber

2 Pcs Plastic Glue Tool and 1Pcs Stainless Steel Glue Tool

2 Pcs Pressure Tooth Tool Distance of 4 mm and 2 mm

1 Pcs Stainless Steel Rule

1 Pair Fingerstalls

1 Pcs Thimble

2 Pcs Scissors

1 Pcs Soft Tape

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