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MastaPlasta Self-Adhesive Patch for Leather and Vinyl Repair, XL Plain - Multiple Colors Available

Medium Brown
Dark Brown

  Multiple Size - From the revolutionary repair company MastaPlasta, the Extra-Large patch is perfect for covering sizeable holes, tears, burns and blemishes

  • INSTANT RESULTS - Bring your favorite furniture and clothing pieces back to life. Simple peel-and-stick application is a quick fix to sofas, chairs, car interiors, handbags, jackets, and much more
  • USE ON MULTIPLE FABRICS - Works on leather, suede, faux leather, vinyl and many other upholstery fabrics, the deluxe synthetic MastaHide material blends in for a professional finish
  • CUSTOM SHAPES – The XL has a cut-to-fit design for awkward spots. Patches can be cut to match the specific size of the damaged area.
  • INNOVATIVE – A revolution in the repair world, soft and supple engineered patch made in UK. No longer be overwhelmed by the complexity of other repair kits

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Jeff Shelar
Selling Fakes!!

I have tried to call, text, email, and even go on their online chat to let them know that what they are selling is not the real stuff that I bought. I have had absolutely zero reply from any of those. Plus it is obvious they know they are fake because they took the fake pieces and put them in an envelope of the real stuff. Not sure how you can do that without knowing that you are actually selling fakes. Beware of this company. Total scammers!

Marie Phipps
The patch is strong and comfortable. We will be getting a lot more use ...

Saved my couch.

To be clear, you can totally tell that there is a patch on the couch, but it isn't glaring. The patch is strong and comfortable. We will be getting a lot more use out of our couch instead of having to toss it. It is easy to cut to the shape that you need, and the color matched my couch almost perfectly.

It worked so well that we purchased a second one for when the couch developed a second hole.

Dan H
This stuff is great

Worked very well in mending tears on some pleather home theater recliners. One of the tears was on the armrest of the main seating position, and this repair has held up very well in almost a year of daily use. The adhesive is strong and the patch has NOT peeled up at the corners or edges at all. The patch also sits very flush, making the repair almost unnoticeable, unless you are looking for it. I have subsequently repaired a couple of other tears that have developed with equal satisfaction with the results. The Dark Brown color matches my chairs almost exactly, so the repairs do not draw your eye to them. I will continue to buy this product as new tears develop probably until my chairs are completely reupholstered in Masta Plasta patches! But seriously, this is a great product for extending the life of leather/vinyl furniture without it looking like an obvious patch.

Exactly what I needed

Bigger than I thought it would be. It looks better in person than pictures...

Sorry I didn't take good before pictures.

I bought one patch for one of my seat that had a lot of shredding. There was a lot left over so I used it for the other side too. (I'll probably buy another full patch for the other side eventually)

Its not a professional repair, but it'll do. In the past I've considered having my seat professionally repaired but didn't want to spend the money... this makes me satisfied, for now at least.

Side note, if you see a tiny tear in your leather seat, buy this now and fix it... it'll get worse so fast!

Heavy use area and it works great

The tear in our leather couch cushion is right under the most used area where everyone sits. So there's constant up and down and leg sliding over that area. It's been over a month (I think) and it looks like I just put it on. Not even a hint of any of the edges are coming up.

The adhesive is strong so make sure you dry-fit it before you ultimately stick it on. Since my patch was going on a high traffic area of the couch, I cut the patch to extend about 2 inches around all sides of the tear. I wanted it to have a good place to adhere all around since it was going to have a lot of rubbing from people against it.

For our application it's a temporary fix. The color choice was right, but our leather is very old and weathered looking from years of use. So in that sense the patch is noticable. But we wanted to slow down the rate that the tear was growing (it was about 3") until we could find time/money to have the cushions reupholstered. This product did the trick for us. We were most concerned about how strong the adhesive would be in a high traffic area. We couldn't be happier.